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Some time ago I posted about whether there is a point in online dating. So as a follow up deep question (or more correctly since Corona kinda limits social gathering). What exactly are women looking for when they look at a guy's profile in those apps?

Do they want a verbose description of who you are, or a brief sentence and a half? Do they want to be an obviously idealised image or a truthful one? Does it need to be overly saccharine, witty, romantic, dark or simply plain? Or all those thoughts are pointless and the only thing that matters is having good pictures?


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the first thing a girl/women look at is where you work or where you study (or what you study). try sound like a positive guy with alot going for him with ambitions and look overall friendly. if you cant do that, make sure to mention you live on your own and have a proper job making some money.

if you cant do that, you can always try the nice guy approach (do not approve of it).
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Online personals are the worst thing ever. The girl on the other end is going to be worse than the kid who gets picked last for kickball in gym class, but if you're there, then you are too. Most women on online personals sites are bitter, angry, and more interested in catching the person they are talking to in a lie than they are in finding out more about someone. If all you're looking for is a quick screw, you'll be able to find it on there, no problem, but don't get attached. On the other side of things, it makes sense that women are angry on those sites. Most of the men on them are lying about shit to get laid. Most men are on those sites because they are socially dysfunctional and cant find women IRL. To be honest, you don't need to be gorgeous to be successful on those sites if your goal is any hole and then moving on to the next, but if youre looking for something long-term, you're in the wrong place.

Think about it like this. People on those sites are like people with bad credit. They have bad habits or characteristics which make them a risk for other people. You're there because you're a risk in some way too. When a person with bad credit has another person with bad credit co-sign on a loan, does the rate get better? Not really. So why would two risky idiots hooking up long-term be a good idea?

Just get into tabletop games, learn to suck dick, chase trannies and dont get in any long-term relationships and you'll be happy.

You need like a male friend IRL to talk about this with, it seems like you were raised without a proper father around.
My guy friends either have no trouble with dating or in the same boat with their take is hearing dating "experts" (that I'd rather pull out my fingernails than watch). Anyways I'd first blame myself for not being a social person (I would rather do things by myself than with other people) rather than my upbringing.


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Online dating is a massive waste of time and energy unless you're only interested in one-night stands. Even then, I've heard it's become increasingly useless for that if you are a man; the same sort of guys who make a night out insufferable IRL are also present on dating apps.

Just get a hobby and meet people through it. Some of those people might be female, and a few might even be attractive. Then try to forge a relationship off a common interest.