How to fix politics and media - Have them tell us things without speaking a word.


Mandate that all Anchors/People Visible on Camera and Politicians have to dress like NASCAR drivers, every single corporate supporter, donor, whatever of theirs (or their network), needs to be proudly displayed on their suit somewhere, could be a flag for foreign support. The bigger the donor the bigger the logo.

Idk about you all but i'd chuckle at CNN anchor with a shitton of corporate logos and flags on him saying "We're independent" or a politician with a huge logo of EA on his suit talking about how lootboxes are indeed just surprise mechanics and people have their panties in a twist over nothing.

Everyone should be proud of their supporters. Not displaying them properly would carry heavy penalties. Would need some thunk about loopholes.

It's something I'd do if I could force it anyway.


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It'd be interesting to see what the modern media would do if the Fairness Doctrine were reinstated, but it's a fantasy considering there's zero political will to do something like that.
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Aside from the obvious joke answers, at least for the media the best way is just continue not watching their content and laugh at anyone who does. Those media companies are bleeding money for a couple of years now and will eventually need to either have actual content people want to see or close down once their donors realize they just burn money.