How to not get doxed - Stay safe while shitposting

Uncle Warren

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Mar 10, 2014
Steam keeps your old nicknames. If you search for some old username you used, your Steam account will show up even if you currently use a new name. So I would suggest if you change your name, to spam change it so that old names are gone from the recent name list. I would personally suggest you change your account to private, because Steam offers lots of good information.
Actually lemme add to this: See this? You can see every single alias the steam profile was under for as long as the website cached it. So while you can clear the alias list under steam itself, it won't change this site.

Agent Proper

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Sep 11, 2018
@Nigel of Ukip you are a good lad. This is a very informative and well written piece of advice. I would like to remind people to do some kind of online security check. Nothing sucks like having your Credit card stolen online the day you go on vacation.

I would also like to say thank you for making me laugh once again. If you read this please don't use someone's actions as a threat online and a clean house, a beard trim, and a little effort can go a long way.

Apr 5, 2021
PrivateInternetAccess has proved on court they don't keep anything logged.
Stop shilling for anti-privacy companies.


Erika Furudo

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Feb 18, 2021
I imagine people with literal John Doe-tier common names that they resent don't realize the nice silver lining it has in dox protection.
Just legally change your name to Mike Hunt, Hugh Janus, etc then everyone will assume it's fake if you get doxed.

Please make a thread explaining how to get doxed, I am very lonely and would appreciate some company.
Well you know one method that gets you a knock on the door.


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Jan 10, 2018
What is funny my family called me paranoid for having over a dozen different emails for different websites and accounts. I recommend if you are going to use job sites like linkedin or indeed, create a business email and use it only for business/job searching. Have another email and accounts for doing your internet trolling and always use two step verification. Also having another email to sign up for dumb accounts, like a CVS account or some online giveaway is advised. I call that email my "Mule" email since that is where all the unnecessary crap goes, and just helps to weed out the spam. Also I have seen this before but dont follow your alt accounts on twitter, youtube, facebook, twitch, and other social media platforms. Treat each account as its own identity that has never come across the other accounts. For instance OiC has a tendency to use the same 3 words for his accounts and has them interact with each other. Thats a good way of getting spotted. Lastly, dont use the same username for everything. Like my name DukeMorty is only used on KFs and nowhere else. If you are too dumb to remember usernames or passwords, maybe writing down in a small notebook and place that in a place no one can find at your place, like behind the washer machine or inside the air vents (just make sure it isnt where heat comes out and seal the book in a bag). Also using a usb that is password protected and encrypted can help if a robber ever finds it. Most likely the robber will see they cant access it and just format the drive. Also make the filename something boring like "Letters to My Girlfriend" or "School Project for Chemistry 101" or "Bucket List". The notebook and usb thing may be overboard but this is just advice one can use if they have memory issues or dont like saving things in the cloud or on their PC.

Huli Jing

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Jan 17, 2021
XKCD is a faggot but his password strength comic can be parlayed into some very solid advice for people who want to say mean words online.

Step 1. Go to ProtonMail and sign up for a free account.
Step 2. Make your username a string of four unique words. Choose the first four things you see in your room if you're lazy or can't think of anything.
Step 3. Choose four different words for your password.
Step 4. Repeat.

Simple as that. As an added bonus, if you write down your password and the Feds break into your house, they'll just think it's a grocery list or something if your room doesn't look like a BDSM dungeon.