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KF is also considered an alt-right transphobic doxing forum - your point?
The evidence the troons leave behind isn't something KF made, your point?

Sure, if a person don't want to see anything against their agenda. Nothing will work, and fuck the person. Whether it being a friend or family. I'm talking about when someone isn't radical, and is open to other points of view.

Most people aren't aware of the chaotic rabbit hole of troonery that exists outside of the constant line, "trans rights are human rights" being screeched- so they genuinely believe trans people are under constant threat. I play dumb and ask them questions instead. I slowly build up a conversation and ask what they think of the sports issue, children being given hrt, males in female prisons and shelters, males being given female scholarships, gay spaces being invaded, sex-based language forcibly changed, and so on.

Link to some responses to common troon arguments that can be equipped:
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You have to phrase things in a way that won't immediately trigger their built in anti-wrongthink safety mechanisms. The second they suspect you might be questioning our benevolent rulers, they'll shut their entire brain down and probably start screaming at you. Preventing this is vital.

The vast majority of the time I see people trying to redpill others, they do shit like go up to a brainwashed idiot and say "LET ME EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW DISGUSTING TRANNIES ARE" and then dump 5000 links at them. This does absolutely nothing. You think they're going to click any of that shit? No. It's forbidden information. They're terrified of it.

You have to trick them into thinking for themselves. Bring up the link between transgenderism and autism. Do it in a way that makes it seem like you just find it intellectually interesting. NEVER let them know that you're not on "their side". If they're intelligent enough, the seed will have been planted. They'll go home and the contradiction will begin to eat away at them. They'll verify for themselves that yes, autism has been established as hugely comorbid. And so they'll have voluntarily taken the first step to realizing that the establishment has been lying to them this entire time.

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Explain there is a fundamental difference between someone socially being treated by the gender they wish, like wearing a dress and being called Susan when they were born Jacob, and a difference between Jacob/Susan getting past legal protections established for women specifically.

Most people will reject the idea of insane male rapists sneaking into women's prisons because in theory it sounds outlandish, but phrasing it in mild terms can work. The more insane things documented on the farms sound vaguely like fever dreams to normies and they tend to think Yaniv for example is a pure exception and in no way demonstrative of the whole. The key is coming up with mundane examples that would make someone uncomfortable but isn't as wild sounding as the truth sometimes is.

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I'd show them the horror stories - the actual statistics, the botched surgeries, the whole debacle with women's sports, and pictures of some of the most physically repulsive troons. Anyone who has a working brain would put two and two together and realize that shit's fucked.

If they still even tried to debate that it's "valid" after that, they have some sort of retardation or mindless optimism (which is in itself a form of mental retardation.)

I'd show them the horror stories - the actual statistics, the botched surgeries, the whole debacle with women's sports, and pictures of some of the most physically repulsive troons. Anyone who has a working brain would put two and two together and realize that shit's fucked.

If they still even tried to debate that it's "valid" after that, they have some sort of retardation or mindless optimism (which is in itself a form of mental retardation.)
Some fairly reasonable people may accuse you of cherrypicking.
Show them almost any trans subreddit or /lgbt/ too.

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Get a feel for if they're receptive first - if you treat Yaniv or Trans Lifeline as an interesting story you read about online, you can judge if they have a chance of being persuaded. A big thing I've found is trying to get people to think of being trans as not just being gay plus, but a very different thing.

You might want to focus on their efforts to troon out kids - the Tavistock case with Keira Bell, that article posted a few months back by a troon claiming kids can know their gender identity by the age of eighteen months, all the evidence that puberty blockers fuck you up.

Another one is a lot of them haven't really thought about what an MtF genital surgery involves - why would you? Don't just shove pictures in their face, but just saying what's involved, the dilation, and how they insist it's indistinguishable from the real thing. The kicker being that 90% of MtFs don't ever get the chop, but want to be thought of as harmless girls.

Another good angle is to talk about all the dehumanising language they have for women - 'front holes', 'menstruators' and the like. This is where troons like Rhys McKinnon and some of the most aggressive ones like Gorcenski and Zje can be handy, because their own twitter feeds are pretty repugnant primary sources on their own. The connection to narcissism, autism and BPD is also useful there.

And talking about ROGD, the social contagion of becoming trans for girls, the peer pressure to go on testosterone, get top surgery and be permanently altered because of a temporary discomfort with their body being pathologised into a permanent disorder. Depending on the person, you can point out anything from an the rape threats JK Rowling received for saying 'biological sex is real', the inherent oxymoron that is being trans non-binary, or how 80% of kids stop being dysphoric with a little therapy and care, rather than straight to the drugs and surgery they think solves all their problems.

I've thought about this a lot. If I was honest about my perspective on trans people, I know I'd lose friends and no longer be welcome in communities I love. But I also see the damage that letting delusional assholes be accepted and given deference in these communities has caused.

In my experience, a lot of people just unthinkingly accept the narrative that these poor, marginalized people, harassed by the world, are just trying to live their lives. They don't really think through the implications of how troons misuse sex and gender depending on what's convenient, or how dishonest they are about who they are, what they want and how they're going about it. Overwhelming them with information doesn't help. Dropping breadcrumbs is usually better.

And, of course, exposure to full-on troons helps a lot. Getting them to see that this level of crazy is the norm, not the exception, is often greatly bolstered by that personal experience.
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Stop trying to make people around you put on nightmare goggles. It's cruel.
That's one way of looking at it. I'd say it's more of exposing people to the truth, saving them from becoming complicit pawns in the left's attempts at societal and cultural regression. If nobody acts, then these people will continue thinking troons are "valid" and that the troon lifestyle is acceptable.

"Cruel" is better used to describe the left for allowing this shit to happen. How cruel is it that they're allowing kids to fuck their bodies up with hormones?


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I kinda accepted some "reality" as you guys would say. He convinced me about what you're born as and I do not beleive I have any legitimate gender dyphoira like my brain is flipping out because I have a penis. Transgender people might be highly insecure about how they are allowed to express themselves on a day to day basis in public and I think western transgenderism is just a justification for that. I am sorta surprised how far "troons" go into this stuff.
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You have to realize that a specific technique has been used on troons, apologists, TRAs, and basic clueless lefties, that “inoculates” them against most factual messages. That’s why they use so many thought terminating cliches.

To break through, try LARPing as a basic clueless lefty and expose trans excesses by pretending to think they’re ok. Argue the other side, but like a true believer.

For example, instead of saying, “Trans women don’t belong in prisons because they’re men, commit violence sex crimes at roughly reside the rate of normal men, and rape the women locked in with them,” say:

“Bigots like to point out that everywhere transwomen have been placed in women’s prisons, transwomen have raped the other inmates there, but that’s really a small price to pay in order to ensure transwomen feel affirmed in their gender.”

Because when you drill down that is actually the argument. So just drill down to the real argument.

“Bigots like to point out all the rape and death threats slung at JK Rowling and other women by transwomen and their supporters, but if Rowling and her ilk deserve it. If they don’t want to be raped and murdered, then they can choose to stop what they’re doing.“

“Bigots like to point out that transwomen threaten cis lesbians with rape and murder when they reject them, but that’s understandable, since being rejected by cis lesbians makes trans women feel invalidated. Honestly, lesbians are just too picky about genitals anyway. Some have the excuse of being molested and raped, but is that really an excuse? Sounds like they just need therapy to get over their gross bigoted stance against penises. When a trans woman feels invalidated it is totally understandable that she lashes out with threats, it makes them feel unsafe and transwomen must be able to feel safe.”

That is the real argument.

In summary,

“Anything a trans woman wants to do is allowed, because to say no to a trans woman is to invalidate that trans woman and make her feel unsafe.”

Argue that position to its most absurd conclusion because the absurd conclusion is actually the goal.


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If the topic comes up, especially if they start it, mentioning some of the lolcows here is a good place to pivot the conversation.

My rule is to never initiate this conversation but if they mention they’re on the fence or have mixed feelings I’ll chime in. My other rule is to not come across as an alog, conspitard, or spaz. How you talk about it is more important than what info you show them. One or two ideas delivered well is better than throwing 100 links at them. It should feel like a natural conversation.

If they’re hispanic and speak Spanish Filthy Phil the Latinx Antifa Warrior is the best place to start. He’s pissed off every latino I know... latinx is insanely stupid to anyone that is able to speak Spanish. Otherwise, Yaniv is another great option along with the trannies that nailed a rat to a woman’s shelter. But I must emphasize that how you come across is more important than what you say. If they think you’re a Nahzee it won’t matter what you say. If you seem like a normie or they know you’re a decent/honest person, your words will have a lot more weight, especially if it’s a conversation in person. So really it’s important to know your target audience and from there craft the message to be the most effectice.

I’ve had the most success with people on the fence if they were into dark humor, had a morbid curiosity, or were a minority being trampled by trannies: Ie the rest of LGB especially gays and lesbians, latinos, and feminists. If, and this is a big if, they are willing to see the results of the surgeries that can be a massive red pill. With lesbians, gays, and even some bisexuals, a lot of them will agree but are terrified of saying anything, but you’ll notice they’re less and less sincere on social media or just never talk about it. With feminists it’s not that hard to turn them into terfs, especially if they’re into sports or knew someone who was raped. Latinos will hate the concept of latinx because it’s basically white progressivism thrusting itself onto them. Latinos are also a lot more willing to look at messed up images.

I’ve had the least success with straight white male progressives. A lot of the tranny menace doesn’t directly affect them and it’s like they’re supporting their bros or something. I’ve found they tend to be the most combative, least receptive, and the most radical.
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