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I juat watched Tim Pool's rant about Bari Weiss leaving NYT, citing an "illiberal environment". Always the near-blackpilled one, Tim went on about how keeping your head down won't save you from the woke mob. Everyone is too concerned with their little lives to speak out against this madness (myself very much included, I just wanna grill).

But realistically, how can we push back against these Bullies, Looters, and Murderers? I'm not ready to spend the rest of my life with them in a cell, but I also cannot, in good conscience, live in the Clown World they are creating.

Identity politics seems appealing, but if you're white and try that it attracts glowy saboteurs in no time. The present course isn't helping, and voting Trump in November is, while absolutely necessary, a limited endeavor.

The best I can think of is to stay in shape, get armed, train, and get in contact with a lawyer in case you are targeted. I live in a purple area of a deep red state, FWIW.
Just hope the average person will vote against it both politically and economically (that is harder and harder to do with how corporations are only growing stronger).
The only other option is to start your own mob and get back at the other side. If you already become a social pariah might as well go the next steps.
Voting Trump will do next to nothing, in fact it will only make liberals feel righter in their witch hunts. Trump cares fuck all about free speech or defending dissenters. He's with the system. Voting with your wallet is also progressively more difficult because the flow of information is controlled by an ideological monopoly.
The best thing you can do to stand up against "cancel culture" (or liberalism, more like) is to speak your mind out and loud, without apologizing, and bearing the consequences. Note that this isn't the way to keep your livelihood or reputation. Nobody said living as a dissenter in a dictatorship was easy.


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Use your wallet.

If someone tells you not to watch something? Watch it anyway. Is a company being deplatformed for not endorsing the woke orthodoxy? Make sure you buy your products from them, even if they're more expensive.

Do no share leftist content. Do not repeat leftist nonsense. Do not acknowledge it whenever possible. Continue to use gendered pronouns and not endorse BLM posts.

Do not feed the leftist. Do not pet the trotskyite. Slowly, but peaceably exclude leftists from your social activities if they're unable to shut up about it.

Even mocking them gives them airtime and spreads their nonsense.
Just don't pay it any mind until it affects you. My grandfather lived through a lot of horrible shit. When I asked him how he got through it all, he just told me "Ignorance is bliss". Until some noodle-arm ANTIFA butt-pirate starts busting down your front door, don't pay it any mind. Have a contingency plan just in case something does happen, but until it does, keep your head in the sand.

"OH BUT YOU NEED TO BE INVOLVED TO INSPIRE CHANGE!" Fuck that. Change is going to happen regardless of whether or not your hairy, pimpled ass gets involved. Unless you wanna go down the gay LARPing "Proud Boys"/ANTIFA route, care for you and your own. Leave the revolution to the college-educated basement dwellers that would be professionals in their field if "keyboard warrior" was a legitimate career.
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But realistically, how can we push back against these Bullies, Looters, and Murderers?
Bullies: Follow the example Pedro, Muhammed, Chang, and Tyrone lead with; they give 0 fucks about being called racists or whatever White liberals and Coons call them. How more wypipo don't see they're the only targets of the "anti-racist" crusade and smell shite is bizzare.

Looters & Murderers: Buckshot. But if you live in a cucked state or some soy city, your local Dem gov't won't take too kindly to you defending your property or killing their voters.
Bullies: Follow the example Pedro, Muhammed, Chang, and Tyrone lead with; they give 0 fucks about being called racists or whatever White liberals and Coons call them.
pedro, muhammed, chang and tyrone can afford to give 0 fucks because none of this affects them. they can engage in 'hate speech' that would get any white guy fired from his job and unpersoned within hours, but nothing will ever happen to them. it's a one-way street.
only situation where a white dude can do the same is when he's already at rock bottom and has literally nothing left to lose.

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Stay fit, keep a stock pile of food, save as much as you can, buy and learn to use a firearm, conceal your power levels, never talk about any social or political issues in a public setting, stay off social media unless you're on sock puppet accounts, never leave a digital trail and assume everything you're saying and doing in public is being recorded. Unfortunately that's just how it is these days with cancel culture. Be smart and use common sense. That's the only defense you as a regular guy will have. Staying as invisible as possible.


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You want to defend yourself? Be anonymous. Act unassuming in meatspace. Spread and defend ideas behind a mask. The second you step in front of a camera or attach your name to your message your aegis is gone. The best quality the internet ever had (which is also being eroded on all sides) is the one most often voluntarily waived.

You want to go on the attack? Inadvisable. Find a group of like-minded people you can rely on that cannot be easily dismissed or annulled as x-ist. Be independently wealthy. Being your own boss helps, as does living and working outside of a liberal stronghold.

It's not easy. I'd advise more supporting someone who's already in the public eye whose beliefs you share.


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The one and only thing that can be done is to find a way to monetize the attention. This is not easy and sometimes is pretty well impossible. The last thing someone who wishes to cancel you wants to see is you make even more money from their efforts. Again, this is not an everyman's solution but it's why the biggest and most problematic like say Alex Jones had to be full deplatformed because any crossposting of his content would generate interest and money.

Or of course...
Troon out, get an autism diagnosis and maybe paralyze yourself for good measure.
This or get an ancestry test done and pray you have Jewish ancestors. This will only protect you from run of the mill SJWs. If big media is after you no amount of kosher blood will save you.