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Never apologize, mock the ones who are trying to cancel you.
If they manage to convince your employer to fire you, sue.
If a media outlet publishes a hit piece on you, sue.
Contact online content creators who make a living off of criticizing cancel culture (Shapiro, Crowder, Tim Pool, Sargon etc.) and get them to talk about you, make your story viral.
If you manage to go viral, become active on social media and monetize your situation - sell merch related to what you're going through, start a crowdfunding campaign, advertise your content if you create any, make as much money on this as possible.

Has anyone ever had the balls to do this?

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Do this.

If you have any minority blood, say you're a minority. They can't prove you wrong. If you're male, say you're MTF. If you're female, say you're genderfluid/agender/some other type of autism-gender. Congratulations, you are now near the top of the progressive stack.
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You ignore them, never apologize and you make sure your community is there for you, not you there for them. They have no power if you remember these three things.

Agreed. But this only works if the majority agree with you and are willing to withstand it with you. Most folks don't want to get involved because cancel culture folks are like schizophrenics and are obsessive about weeding out then making a huge deal about anything "problematic". They can outargue most folks based on stamina alone. Normal folks would give up after making the same point 10 different ways and not getting through at all, but these psychos will repeat their programming to anyone and everyone for literally years.


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Reopen insane asylums and throw these assholes inside. But until then, I guess the next best solution is to keep your real life identity a secret as best you can. Meaning keep your shit posts on a separate anonymous account because lord knows these people can't tell a sarcastic joke from a death threat.


I wouldn't start from here.
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The real way to stand up to cancel culture is to pay someone else to do it for you.

A lot of people that were effectively arguing against the degeneration of western culture have been forced to nuke their public presence (youtube etc) because they couldn't financially support themselves.

Progressives don't have any problem supporting people that advocate for their cause. Look at Breadtube, Hbomberguy, Lindsay Ellis Contrapoints et al, shit out a video every couple of months and their supporters throw 20k pcm at them.

Talia Lavin, that fat loon that got fired from the New Yorker for accusing a disabled veteran of being a NAZI, get's close to $1500 pcm and all she does is tweet.

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Meanwhile on the right nobody wants to be seen as a paypig.... If a YouTuber is spending 60 hours a weeks producing content as well as holding down a job, then he should keep it real and do it for free, only grifters want financial remuneration for the content they produce.

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Honestly, think of internet cancel culture no differently than you would middle school bullies or an abusive spouse, because they use all the same tactics.

No matter how much you want to, you're never going to actually "win" a battle against bullies or abusive spouses, because any interaction is just playing their game and furthering the drama. The only real solution in either of these cases is to leave the environment and render them irrelevant in your life. Like others have said, don't apologize. Apologizing is reinfoircing the idea that you're playing their game. If anything, they can get an "I'm sorry you feel that way", and then you leave.

In the case of cancel culture, that means not socializing with these dipshits to begin with or at the very least, keeping your encounters with them as limited as possible. If you have to have any contact with them online, do it in a way that's anonymous so they can't bother you in real life. In real life, keep your professional life separate from your personal life. One of the biggest risks for encountering cancel culture is combining your internet life, personal life, and professional life into one big social media blob.

If this is infecting your workplace, you should probably start looking for a new job or even consider changing careers. Being a grown adult and trying to work around people who act like a bunch of middle schoolers is not a healthy environment in any context, and a red flag that you need to get the fuck out of there to protect your own sanity.

Sadly, you're going to have to accept that some of your hobbies are contaminated and you'll never be able to really participate in the social aspect of them without encountering these crazy bastards. So it might be a good idea to just come to terms with enjoying stuff on your own for your own sake, or pursuing new hobbies in an entirely different direction.

Never bend to them. Amen.

I also opt for the ridiculing method; make them feel stupid and show how little power they actually do have, first on you, then on everything else.


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Never apologize and never surrender. Remember what the greatest philosopher of our time said about these kinds of people

"When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think its funny" - Sam "US Marine" Hyde
2 words: Double down.

They try to get you because you made a racist joke? Tell more racist jokes.
They tell you you're sexist? Make fun of women and feminism.

Never back down, always double down.

I think better advice is to stay steady - if you overcorrect you'll create additional problems you won't have if you just continue normally.

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Yikes OP. How can I stand up to cancel culture if I have no legs? I'm going to make you look ablest on twitter in front of my 10 followers for that.