How to stand up to cancel culture? -


Party like it's COVID-1999
Never apologize, mock the ones who are trying to cancel you.
If they manage to convince your employer to fire you, sue.
If a media outlet publishes a hit piece on you, sue.
Contact online content creators who make a living off of criticizing cancel culture (Shapiro, Crowder, Tim Pool, Sargon etc.) and get them to talk about you, make your story viral.
If you manage to go viral, become active on social media and monetize your situation - sell merch related to what you're going through, start a crowdfunding campaign, advertise your content if you create any, make as much money on this as possible.
Has anyone ever had the balls to do this?


The good doctor.
You ignore them, never apologize and you make sure your community is there for you, not you there for them. They have no power if you remember these three things.
Agreed. But this only works if the majority agree with you and are willing to withstand it with you. Most folks don't want to get involved because cancel culture folks are like schizophrenics and are obsessive about weeding out then making a huge deal about anything "problematic". They can outargue most folks based on stamina alone. Normal folks would give up after making the same point 10 different ways and not getting through at all, but these psychos will repeat their programming to anyone and everyone for literally years.


I have a plan, it includes you!
Reopen insane asylums and throw these assholes inside. But until then, I guess the next best solution is to keep your real life identity a secret as best you can. Meaning keep your shit posts on a separate anonymous account because lord knows these people can't tell a sarcastic joke from a death threat.
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