How would Chris do in a group home?

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Issac Clark
Dec 5, 2014
The possibility of Chris going to a group home post Barb has been brought up a few times and I've been wondering how well Chris would do in a group home situation. I don't think she would do to well with constant interaction with males especially if one has has a supervisory role over him. Also from what I've heard most group homes forbid romantic relationships between residents so that could lead to some "Virginia is for Virgins" rantings. Does anyone here have any experience with group homes that could provide insight into how Chris would deal with one.


True & Honest Fan
Dec 27, 2014
It would be very interesting to see this. Chris would probably be very upset with it at first, and probably would not get along great with his fellow tards. However, it would probably best for him, as it would alleviate him from any future financial troubles. He would have to resign his dreams of having a family, but those were pipe dreams anyway.

I don't think he'd be happy about, he certainly wouldn't prefer it, but it would provide him a tangible benefit to a lifetime alone with a few pets. He'd also probably have more money to spend on toys. I don't think he'd make any friends, but he'd learn to tolerate his fellow roommates.

The interesting thing to see would be to see if he can talk his way into a female group home. I'd bet he'd try if he saw an opportunity.

Doc Cassidy

Notorious Bum Driller
True & Honest Fan
Dec 16, 2014
A group home wouldn't be necessary for Chris, he functions well enough. He'd do just fine with a mentor, someone who comes by and makes sure he's taking care of himself and helping him with things he struggles with like paying his bills.


Feb 13, 2016
He already got punched in the face in high school. You guys need to remember: Chris never learns.

Who didn't get punched in the face at high school? I think that getting tossed into an environment where he's constantly surrounded by other people would benefit him in so far as he'd be forced to adapt somewhat just for his own sanity (what's left of it).

IV 445

We've discussed this intensely in the "What will happen when Barb dies?" thread.

The end of 51 pages has us conclude that Chris will still live in 14 BC.
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