How would you kill the above poster? -

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I have to kill fast and bullets too slow
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Does getting hit with a leek in the back of the head hurt? I watched a guy get bitch smacked by a leek and I wanted to see if it would hurt but we don't have leeks big enough for head smackin' here

The Knife's Husbando

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Wait till he's taking a dump in a public restroom, then get into the stall next. As soon as I hear the first poop noise I toss a piano wire noose over his head, haul him up, tie it off to the door n' let him dangle.


Meglio fascista che frocio.
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Smother him with the smoke of a hickory-based fire, leave him in a smoker for 13 hours, then consume his flesh. Mr. Knife, do you have a barbecue sauce to recommend