How would you like to see this reality show end - If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If turnips were watches, I'd wear one by my side

a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
after becky meets kate winslet at a chance encounter while kate is in bumfuck, kentucky filming exterior shots for her next project, the two fall in love. becky packs up her snapbacks and every coloring book in the house, bids adieu to her family, shakes amber's paw, and jets off to spend a life of love and happiness with kate winslet.

amber falls in the shower within 3 days of becky leaving. not wanting to deal with the hassle or the cleanup, the boys gather up the dogs and the wall of bath & body works candles and find a new shanty to finally call just theirs.

legend says you can still hear the shrieking from the shower.


Racist Cunt
Cheesecake factory to block her shelf-ass, in a rage she tries to abuse Becky. Becky summons dead relatives they all literally gorge her to death and Amber dies.

You can replace Cheesecake Factory with retard dyke and it harnesses the same results.


King of the Cra🅱️s
I really want Amber to join the Farms and make a utter fool of herself like Tommy did; then, I want her to make a video on how the Kiwi Farms is pure evil which her eating a massive pile of candy.
Then Null streams Mad On The Internet and reveals his chat logs with Amber revealing her to be a massive bitch.
But what I really want is for her to encounter FrazzleCakes and throw a really big fit on The Internet that catches Chantal's attention and they both go on tirades about how bad Kiwi Farms is; realizing their similarities, Amber moves in with Chantal and poor Pete instantly "dies" of shock. They both make videos together now and die together.
But that will sadly never happen.