How would you react if your son/daughter came out as LGBT/trans? -


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Well I am bisexual, so I'd probably give them a celebratory glass of wine and a pat on the shoulder, then tell them to not make it a core aspect of their identity, but just a peripheral thing so they avoid all the modern political corruption. Trans would be deeply unconformable, I would say no the first time they asked (16 or older ideally) and if they made two more serious attempts after that I think I would let them. Part of my decision making would likely fall under how likely they are to pass as the opposite gender, since if they look terrible in the opposite I'm gonna be the laughing stock of the town (and they wont find a fulfilling relationship at all), I'd like to avoid that.


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I think before any serious "Mom I think I'm __" discussions came up, I would make sure they knew well before that they can come to me with anything and I'll always listen and try to do my best to help. That said help might not be what they want right away, because nothing in life comes quick and easy without catch-22's.

LGB is easy, if they want to explore that avenue then I'll roll with it, I might find meeting their boyfriend or girlfriend a bit weird. But I guess it's fine so long as they don't then decide they need to constantly talk about their sex life or something.

T is more difficult mostly on basis of how people can strongly force the need to transition or change identity asap on kids. I'ld want my kid to understand that it's a huge undertaking to change your gender and comes with a lot of potentially nasty issues and that this doesn't mean I don't want them to change, but I want them to be really sure this path is the one they want. Seen way too many cases here where people got their transition hormones illegally without any proper medical support and it seems to break them somehow.
I wouldn't care if they were bi or homosexual. As long as they're safe about it, and basically don't whore themselves out. I'd rib them for it, but it wouldn't ever be an issue. Like anything I'd want them to find someone they're compatible and happy with and be productive members of society.

I wouldn't be supportive of them if they came out as trans unless they were willing to undergo medical treatment for dysphoria. My reasoning for this is that if left unchecked and it's just a phase thing, then it seriously like any other untreated condition will have a huge impact on their life and the quality of their life as well. There is a reason why the suicide rate in the trans community is so high, and I honestly think it's because the expression of being trans is merely a mask to deeper mental issues and instabilities.
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I woundn't even care if it likes Dicks or pussies. If it comes out as a tranny that's another story

I'd wait till 12-13 Years old, range that would give some proof of anything wrong, if it's really showing signs of gender dysphoria then to HRT it goes.

Making them transition earlier than that should be a call for CPS imo

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If I had kids and they came out as gay/bi I honestly would't care, like that's such a non-issue in my mind. If they came out as trans I would be supportive and happy for them but I wouldn't want them to make a rash decision about hormones, etc. I'd be a little more sceptical if they wanted to start using stupid pronouns outwith he, she and (possibly) they.

If I had a male kid who wanted to engage in girly hobbies, I would 100% let him and likewise if I had a girl who was a bit of a tomboy but I wouldn't raise them gender neutral or whatever. They can like what they like as long as it's not damaging.

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Worried that they're doing it as a fad or some other superficial reason. It's kinda a given in 2019.

But if they really had those desires, then we would discuss it so I could fully understand where they're coming from. So long as we have that, believe it or not, it's not an issue. Being that isn't my problem, i's now what it currently represents that I absolutely loathe.

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But without the angelic intervention part.
That angel is like, "HEY, knock that shit off". Is this a poster for a new movie staring Tilda Swinton and Liam Neeson?

Gay? Sure, I'll be fine with it. Trans? I feel like a lot of young trans people it's just a sickening fad. I'd tell them what's wrong with it and make damn sure no teachers are trying to foster that idea. If it seems like they truly have body dysmorphia, I would seek counseling to see what would be the best course of action.

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Supportive parent all the way. But if they're thinking they're trans, that's going to be a lot of discussion and psych visits first. I will be willing to get them some opposite gender clothes, but HRT and SRS is reserved until they're 18+ and they DO have dysphoria of some kind.
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If they're gay, whatever.

Trans, hell no. You want to ruin your life, do it when you live on your own.
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Well I'm a dyke so I won't have any kids but if I was straight it'd depend on age I guess. If my kid told me they were LGB at like 10 I'd tell them to go watch Spongebob and shut the fuck up because they're not old enough for a relationship gay or not. If they told me they were LGB at like 13 or so, well, I can't blame them, just remember to practice safe sex and not go to pride parades to make a joke out of themselves dressed in a pickle suit or something.

T is a different thing. Early teens or childhood? Stop going on Tumblr. Late teens? Let's go to therapy and see if you're actually dysphoric. I'd probably also have a talk with them, ask them why do they think that and if someone influenced them into thinking this. If the lil negro is actually dysphoric then what else can I do? Do whatever you please as long as you don't end up like the troons that got threads here. If they're just bullshitting for attention then I'd tell them to grow the fuck up because it's just a teen phase.

man I miss when teen phases were just shit like emo and scene not mutilating your body and making up genders

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Gay or lesbian or bisexual, okay whatever.
Trans, it's therapy time.
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They can be as gay as they want as long as they don't center their identity around it.
If they go down the tranny road, they're getting a shrink and no surgery/hormone bs until they're adult enough to get it on their own so they can be sure it's not part of a weird phase. You certainly can't reverse getting your dick/tits chopped off or whatever the fuck it is they do.
All of this is out the window if they try pulling any zir-pronoun/alien gender nonsense.
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How old are they?

If they're pre-pubescent, I'd just write it off as a phase until their balls had dropped.

If they were post-pubertal, that's something I'd support them with as much as I could. However, if they come out as trans, they can wait till they're 18 before starting on hormones or getting the pickle chop. Not going to be party to anyone underage permanently wrecking their bodies for woke points. After 18 they're big enough and ugly enough to do it for themselves if they really want to.

Oh, and if they decide they're non-binary, they can fuck right off, unless they were born with hermaphroditic genitalia, in which case we're in extremely rare and semi-uncharted territory here.
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Considering what a stupid fucking fad it is nowadays I'd react with extreme skepticism. LGB is no big deal, they'll probably give it up in a couple of years and if they don't, who cares, the only family members old enough to give a fuck are all dead now anyway. T is the real problem, if it's just the "nonbinary" nonsense I can pretty much ignore it. I wouldn't bother to fight letting them dress however they please (laughing at the way teenagers dress due to stupid fads is a time-honored tradition) but I'm not indulging any pronoun nonsense at that age. It would probably be fucked up if I denied them therapy if they wanted it but I'm so afraid of the mental health community enabling this shit I'd be hesitant and very careful, no hormones and certainly no butchery under my roof, that's for fucking sure. I am not taking them to a "gender clinic" but I guess I'd get them in to see a psychologist who specializes in anxiety/depression/identity issues for teenagers and just hope they aren't troon enablers.

In the extremely unlikely case they stick with the trans shit for life I guess I'd learn to live with it and start making an attempt at correct pronouns but I'm not enabling it (helping with changing names/gender on ID, giving money for procedures, etc). Deviancy over the internet will not be tolerated and if I catch them doing anything fucked up all phones, computers, etc will be taken away and cut off until they're able and willing to pay for that shit themselves. Many talks will be had about the unfortunate tendency for people nowadays to center their entire identity on their orientation/"gender"/mental illness and how bogus that is, I know that kind of thing is normal to an extent for teenagers but if I keep addressing it regularly they'll hopefully grow out of that shit by college.

The other piece is emphasizing the importance of being very careful about internet anonymity and how every cringey thing you do is out there for good, you have to start young with that. I think in some cases people stick with the LGBT phase (or "illness" phase or whatever) longer than they would have otherwise because all the shit they've posted about it online makes it more difficult to "reinvent [their] identity" as it were.


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Lesbian? Lol, no you're not.
Gay? Did someone rape you? No? Well shucks.
Bisexual? Lol, no you're not, you're just a girl.
Transexual? Let me tell you about John Money, ya little queer.
Queer? The correct term is manhater.
Intersex? Let's do a DNA test to confirm
Asexual? Lol, no you're not.
Gender-non-conforming? Why can't you just be goth or a wigger if you want to rail against conformity?
Questioning? We'll talk again next week when you figure it out.
Pansexual? Just keep your genitals off my car.
Ally? Grow a spine and stop being a shill for others.
Allied? Wait... so you identify as someone who is being supported by another?
Straigth? Good. Now let me tell you about the jews....
Leather? You really didn't need to tell me this.
Fetish? Time for another spanki.... oh wait I did this.
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Skoliosexual? Ha ha, liar. Nobody is attracted to that.
Polyamorous? Why do you hate children?
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