How would you react if your son/daughter came out as LGBT/trans? -


Well that's ok, you only get one life enjoy it as best you can. Please try to be a good person and work on leaving the world a better place than the one you came into.

Now, I need to go to Costco and buy a couple liters of Jack Daniels.

D min7

Whether it's LG or B, I'd still be as supportive to them as if they were straight. They're my children after all, and I would want them to live their best life.

T is a different story. I'd still be supportive, but I'd be very worried. Transitioning can be damaging to someone and I wouldn't want to feel like I failed if my child went full SJW from it all. Plus, I honestly wouldn't know how to talk to them for support if they came out as trans, whether I researched the basics of how to or not.

Overall, though, as long as it makes them happy, I'd still do the best to support them no matter what sexuality.


Dark Bone
I'm gonna accept them till they turn 18, after that i'm going disown that disgusting, lobotomize freak. Then contemplate life and why did i become a father just to get hurt.
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