How would you react if your son/daughter came out as LGBT/trans? -


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I'd have no reaction because there is no for me to reproduce.

Serious note though: if I somehow did become a parent whose child is coming out the closet, I would support them, assuming they were being genuine and knew full well what they were. Now if they ended up doing illegal shit that harms other people like being a human trafficker, sexual predator and the like, then I'd likely withdraw support and would disown them for being a danger to other people and society.
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I admit I'd be quite supportive, although I won't let them troon out or do stupid shit.
Ether they do it right or they won't do it.
I'll open up the Farms and let them see all the troons and what miserable lives they live, especially ADF.
@Heinrich Himmler talks a big game about being progressive now, but he had one hell of a pre-woke period. Just ask Ernst Rohm...

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The older I get, the more "live and let live" I am. So if I had a kid and they were LGBT, I'd be supportive and try and love them as they're my kid.

Including trans. I'd definitely go and take them to a psychologist who specializes in dysphoria and this kind of thing, to make sure it's not a tumblr-"I like opposite sex type stuff!!!!" or whatever. (The whole drugs thing, I guess would depend on their age? I'm not an expert, and I really do NOT want to think about all that.)

I think one problem HERE is that because this is a place where we talk about all the weirdos and freaks, that's what we tend to assume everyone is. Most LGBT people I've encountered, outside of the Farms, are sane, reasonable people. They just want to live their lives in peace -- they're not the Riley Dennis types. And I think people like Riley Dennis would be just as bad if they weren't trans or whatever. (Look at what Chris was like back in the day, for example?)

I can't say I wouldn't be scared, or worried, but I'd still love them. I know I'm probably much much more liberal than anyone here, but I guess it's just my experience with trans people has been better than most?

On the other hand, if my kid decided they were going to root for the Flyers, or the Ravens, or become a Scientologist, they're dead to me. You gotta have SOME standards.


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I'd find some way to devolve them into sperm and then hang them from the ceiling by their tails and use them like a punching bag until they were normal like their old man!


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As long as they don't have trash taste in anime I'm good. Tell them to not go bug chasing and not to join those pride parades because they disgrace the gay's and give them a bad reputation.


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I don't care too much about LGB as long as I have a straight child that can continue to have children.

T will probably mean disowning.
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I would support them no matter what, and tell them my experience and struggles with being bi. T would be a big pill to swallow, but I’d see if they consistently want it, put them through therapy, and go from there.

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If LGB, be supportive, try to steer them away from the degenerate side, teach or guide them to avoid getting pozzed up. As far as I am concerned, there should be no difference in the way a person acts regardless of sexuality. I have met people who until they introduced me to their partner/bf, I wouldn't have known, because it's not important. Basically so long as the LGB part of them does not become the main defining trait about them, but is rather a (important) trait out of many, then I think I would have done my job as a parent. Will still want a straight kid to continue the line though.

If T though, into the oven they go.
I will always love my kids, even if they're gay, bi, or don't like garlic bread. No matter who they date I will still share the same embarrassing stories of their youth with their new girlfriend or boyfriend.

Seriously, why don't you like garlic bread, son? it's not from my side of the family or your fathers, why are you like this? It's ok more garlic bread for us. At least he was polite in telling me he didn't care for it. He's never thrown a fit in expressing that he doesn't like something. I just don't know why he doesn't care for garlic bread.
I'm pretty sure your kid is a vampire baby bodysnatcher. They took your real child in the night and replaced him with a perfectly identical looking clone, but it's not your kid.

Kill him now, preferably with fire.
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"Aight. Just be smart and stay safe. I'll always love you, you know that, right?"

If they say they're trans, I'd take them to a psychologist to make sure they're like, genuinely trans and not just following a trend or mistaking something else as dysphoria. If they're genuinely trans I'd probably have a little bit of difficulty adjusting but eventually I'd grow used to it. No hormones or surgery until they're an adult, though.