How would you react if your son/daughter came out as LGBT/trans? -


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I'd be upset for sure initially. But it would make absolutely no difference in terms of loving them. I'd just want them to be happy and not in any type of abusive or hurtful relationship. There is too much shit in the world. It would be more difficult if they were a SJW or a religious zealot. But even then, I believe you have to try at least to work through it.
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Eat the bat soup, bigot.
I'd pay for a significant life insurance policy on them in favor of myself and keep sending them backpacking to whatever shithole country currently has significant muslim terror activity. Maybe organize small parties for them in public places for celebrating them "coming out", by calling ahead. Get rid of the faulty offspring, earn sympathy upcummies and recoup monetary losses.
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Gay: Just don't be like OP and we're cool.

Lesbian: Honey, lesbians are like traps: They only work in 2D.

Trans: Hm...maybe the unsterilized coat hanger I shoved into your mom back then might have fucked up your chromosomes...

Furry: Maybe God tried to tell me something with all the Sonic fanart of yours...
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It'd be hard and difficult to accept the change, but I would try and support them, especially in the case of being trans if they have actual dysphoria. As long as they don't start participating in anything questionable and go through the necessarily counseling and steps to transition in the trans situation, and are closely supervised, I will support them. Just none of that weird tumblr ""nonbinary without dysphoria"" bullshit, not in my house, that's transtrending / "I just want to be special" and I won't stand for that. Very complicated subject. I'm bisexual so I at least understand the whole bisexuality/gay/lesbian angle myself, it's been the way I've felt for a long time. I just think you need to have dysphoria to be trans, anything other than FTM or MTF isn't going to fly, I consider myself supportive of the lgbt community but draw the line at "third gender" bullshit.
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Sīn the Moon Daddy

It's going to be ok son. Being gay has some upsides, like you're more likely than a heterosexual man to finish college and you're probably going to earn more on average.

Oh you're a furry? Oh hell nah get the fuck out of my house. That degeneracy is a choice!

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Has man gone insane?
If my kid came out as LGB I wouldn't care, sure future kiddie I accept that you are gay/bi, but, here are the chores that you have to do today and tomorrow, don't forget to buy bread when you get out of class.
If it comes out as T or gender special, I would double the chores, you don't have time to think about gender identity when you are shopping the groceries, or going to grandma and grandpa's house to look after them. Also, I would put them in some extra curricular activity like learning other language or playing some sport. A chore a day will keep the gender delusions away.
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Emperor Julian
at 18-As long as they can hold down a job, pay taxes I really don't give a shit as long as they don't embaris me at Christmas dinner.

before 18-send them to a shrink and wait for the results. Deny them internet access to make sure they're not bullshitting me.
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No, not really :)
I would do my best to dissuade them from the trans thing.
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Take them to the dryers to get their vile soul dry cleaned.

Nah, i'd support it in the same way I support most things. By doing nothing and not really caring.
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Rick Pratt
As long as their safe and self-aware about their decisions I'll accept them

if they're Gay, Lesbian or Bi I'll be fine with that

with being Trans though, I'll ask or talk to them about why exactly they feel that way, if it's them experimenting with androgyny, having body image issues or whether they are experiencing some early signs of Gender Dysphoria. (so they don't end up "de-transitioning" as some have done)

They'd have to be in about their mid-teens though, any other actions taken about it will happen in their later adult years

I'll get them to a good psychologist so they can learn more about what's causing it and how they can manage it, if they think about going on testosterone or something, I'll tell them to be aware of the side effects those medications and procedures can do to them.

I would also warn them about being safe when going out late at night, to clubs or going on dates, considering the risks of drugs and other problems, and the fact that a lot of trans people get attacked or murdered

other than that my opinion on them won't change, I will still love them

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I’d immediately follow that up with, “That’s great when did you learn to talk?” because as far as I know my cats can’t use people words.

One of them won’t stop humping my fleece blankets though? 🤔

Since both gay/trans people are mentally ill i would grab him/her by the arm and send him/her to the first psychiatric facility .

Second option would be to sell them to Chinese for organ harvesting and make at least some return on investment .
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