huge grocery haul 05/22/20 - NutritionistLynn Blesses Us With Knowledge

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Yup, she's still alive.
ARCHIVE: huge grocery haul
May 22, 2020

Has she recently lost a tooth? County Fair looking ass.
Amber(lynn) has been running out of steam. Only one ad at the time of writing this and the video is not even ten minutes.
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Full "haul" list:

Halo Top x2, acting like she's never had them before
Ground chicken
Chopped Asian salad kit
Pre-Shredded potatoes
Individual size Asian salad
Spicy Orange tofu "kit"
Unsweetened Almond milk
"Puffins" cereal
Frozen broccoli cauliflower packs
Frozen broccoli packs
Ranch cauliflower
broccoli and cheese veggie tots
Frozen "power blend" veggies
Frozen brown rice packs
Frozen "roasted" potatoes in multiple flavors
"100% veggie pasta with cheese sauce"
Quorn "chkn" burgers
Morningstar buffalo burgers
Gardein fake chicken tenders
Amys Mexican Casserole (tv dinner)
Evol soba bowl
Lean Cuisine pizza (but I thought she didn't like pizza)
Eggs (and rambled about her aayyyyg allergy)
Low fat cottage cheese cups
Bags of baby carrots
"Diet" sara lee bread
Bag of onions
Protein shakes because she's "really bad about eating in the mornings"
Good Thins crackers
Franks Buffalo Sauce
Canned chicken breast
Rotel tomatoes and chili
Bags of pre-cooked elbow pasta to "make her life easier"
Cans of baby corn
Cans of water chestnuts
General Tso stir-fry sauce
Jar of Pesto
thyme and rosemary
Jars of pasta sauce.

Lots of vegan and "organic" brands of stuff. Betting next video is a "hulthy mookbang" of at least 4 servings of things that don't belong together.
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That's a lot of crap for someone who goes grocery shopping every other day.
Who the hell gets "excited" or "nervous" over groceries? Fuckin' idiot. It's always about food, food and money to buy more food. I'm surprised she doesn't color pictures of food or do jigsaws featuring food.
Big Al is a super morbidly obese one trick pony.


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Looks like its from the May 6 - 7th snapchat, very impressive AOnly 2 weeks old.
It's from May 5th. She's wearing the same outfit/hairstyle in her livestream that day.
At least she isn't wearing her hair in a poop bun.
For someone who claims she can shower so easily now, there is no excuse for that horrible bun.

I love how she's all like "you guys know I don't like to cook" and acting like buying precooked pasta will make a difference when she's been eating Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut and McDs and god knows what else by now. Also what the fuck with vegan meatballs? Why wouldn't she eat regular ones when she claims to be anemic?

amberlynn was inspiration for me to lose weight so i never come close to that
when becky lost weight last year i was happy for her, but now that she's gained it back it's even more inspiration to lose more weight because I DO NOT want to go backwards
No one cares, fatty.
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