huge grocery haul 05/22/20 - NutritionistLynn Blesses Us With Knowledge

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Becky sporting her best Pride shirt from Lexington to show her support and solidarity with her LGBTQ+ comrades. The irony, right? Truly can't think of a worse representation of any marginalized community than someone whose only contribution is spending money that's not even hers on the merch. And wearing it like some kind of badge of honor. It's the laziest brand of "advocacy" (if you can even call it that). Crafting your entire identity around the fact that you're gay isn't edgy or progressive or interesting, but this entire household seems to disagree, because every square inch of their house and bodies are plastered in rainbow.

You can be more than just gay in 2020, Becky. Can someone let her know?

Was that familiar drone in the background Mumbles? Sounded like a riveting conversation about nothing, so I have to assume.

Amber: "Guys, don't be scared of frozen broccoli!"
Also Amber: "Nervous" to try ice cream and everything delicious!

Someone should make a compilation of all the times she says she's nervous to try a new food, followed by her predictable and fake surprise that it's actually really tasty! I think she's confusing nervousness with excitement.

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Yea, she doesn't to. Always wished she'd be more honest about that, but noooo...Welp, whatever makes her more YT money.
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Yea, it's difficult to sympathize with a bully like her, Living with someone like ALR is worse than having a job. At least Ricky has his own income.
it’s hard to feel bad for anyone in that house.. but in all honesty i hope becky leaves ALR so i can get a good laugh out of it. We will see some crying.. some binges.. some “out of character” situation type deals... ain’t it been three years anyways, isn’t that how long most of alr’s relationships last?
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Let me tell you the potential of my balls.
Yea, it's difficult to sympathize with a bully like her, Living with someone like ALR is worse than having a job. At least Ricky has his own income.
I know Beggy probably has social anxiety because she's so ugly and fat, and a job would be hell for her. But, there's a point where you'd assume cleaning Amber's bodily functions would make her stop doing this.

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So her mother & aunt also have an egg "intolerance"... but she's just finding this out now. Nothing sketch about that at all - nope.

For someone who claims she really doesn't care for broccoli she buys a lot of it. I shouldn't be surprised - she has the culinary sophistication of a food stamp toddler What she bought is nothing more than an excuse to binge... & we know she's done plenty of that since that was filmed.

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she does nothing all day, why 60 second pasta? its not that fucking hard.
I had to pause after that part because I couldn’t stop laughing. Making pasta is barely even cooking tbh. It’s boiling water. Like she wants to try to make hard boiled eggs but boiling water for pasta is too hard? What? Also. Stop trying to make eggs happen Amber. Like why keep saying you have an egg intolerance but also keep trying to eat them??

she’s just so incredibly wasteful lol. Like those packages of pasta or the individual cottage cheese rather than just buying a big container. Is it bc it’s portion controlled? My bad, I forgot she doesn’t have time to weigh/measure things bc she’s too busy doctor shopping and coloring.

I love her grocery hauls honestly. Just the insight to Amberlogic. It’s amazing to watch her try to justify things or act brand new to foods she’s had.