HUGE HAUL!!!! Amazon, Target, Sephora, Torrid, Hot Topic, etc (02-03-21) - "Why am I like this? No one will ever know"- ALR


Hi, guize! OK, so
This video is boring and stupid. I did have to kind of laugh at her calling her new eyeliner "Renaissance Fleek."


She got a shirt that "says Nirvana!" Is she even aware of the band?

Islamic content indeed! That fabric swatch may cover her tiny tittens but how do you contain the torso spillover? Her skin is so blotchy... at first I thought we were seeing Ms Sunkissed Reid until I remembered it was February and she doesn't leave the pen. Also this video is old, she was wearing her striped strappy number as of last thursday (at latest?) on social

ETA: wasn't there a clip of her in her last live where she was butchering the name "Allah"? I would love to be there if she were out of the house in those "overalls" and a muslim commented on her clothes. I wonder if they are as adverse to pork on a scooter as pork on a plate
she wears the same outfit in this stupid picture :) i dont know when she postet this on snapchat or whatever but it was a while ago ... timeline


This video is boring and stupid. I did have to kind of laugh at her calling her new eyeliner "Renaissance Fleek."View attachment 1893854
She got a shirt that "says Nirvana!" Is she even aware of the band?
This is the exact moment I tapped out. She can pronounce Renaissance but not flick. I was really trying hard to get thru this video too.

clearly this is just the "first part" of yesterdays makeup session. the cloth she presents today she wears at the end of the make up clip.
iam sure this is all old stuff.
The funny thing is, she stopped and changed into her titty lashes shirt for the next part, as if we weren't going to notice that it was filmed on the same day of-and after-the haul.

Did she mention the armani foundation shade's name? Because if I had to guess, I'd say "jaundice"

Turd Fergusson
This was obviously filmed last week or earlier which is not surprising. She does that every time she goes awol. It is always hauls, make up or taste test. Nothing current. She has been complaining that her rent is expensive and her income is obviously down. A quick check with NoxInfluencer shows that her gross income is less than $2,000 a month. What does she do? More hauls for things that she does not need. She is incorrigible and irresponsible.
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a dinosaur
NYX eyeliner​
NYX eyeliner​
NYX eyeliner​
Makeup Revolution eyeliner (estimated price)​
Winky Lux blush​
Makeup Revolution palette​
TORRID (35% off sale)
Choker set​
Pink petal hoop earrings​
Black petal earrings​
Black Floral lace button dress​
Leopard Floral midi dress​
Burn Book sleep shirt​
Nirvana t-shirt​
Skin Perfecting brush set​
Marc Jacobs concealer stick​
Giorgio Armani foundation​
NARS blush​
Fenty Beauty lipstick​
easbeauty magnetic lash kit​
Velamo magnetic lash kit​
Wedding planner​
HOT TOPIC (30% off sale)
Striped mesh layered dress​
Moon & Star velvet skirtall​
Cherry skulls dress​
Black and White checkered dress​
Total with 6% KY sales tax​


Destroy the architecture...
Archive (480p):
View attachment 1893664
Archive (480p):
View attachment 1893664
She’s like a toddler, the shiny packing is all she cares about. 🙄 wrong shade of foundation, that orgasm IS NOT the orgasm she has likely heard all about.. pretty sure it was likely the original orgasm which is considered culr classic and is not orange.
wedding planner? Like she is going to do even a portion of the planning people normally do 🤣
she deserves a smack for the Nirvana shirt because I bet she probably couldn’t name more than 1-2 Nirvana songs.. everyone knows Becky is the 90s one...

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