Human Thermodynamics and Zerotheism - The science of energy transformations


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Jun 14, 2018
Libb Thims is a very smart atheist. So smart, in fact, that he's cracked the code to life, the universe, and everything.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Zerotheism.

In this world, Human Thermodynamics can explain everything, even love!

"But what is human thermodynamics", you might ask. Well, I'll let Libb Thims explain:

In science, human thermodynamics (HT) is the study of heat and work transformationsinvolved in the processes of human existence. HT is a fusion of the following fields:

1. Particle Physics the science of sub-atomic behaviors.
2. Human Chemistry the science of human molecular behaviors.
Evolutionary Psychology the science of human mating behaviors.
4. Thermodynamics the science of energy transformations.

In more detail, human thermodynamics is the study of the energy and entropy aspects of the work cycles involved in human life, namely those existent between heat, spontaneity, irreversibility and the laws defining therein. In short, human thermodynamics is the study of heat and its relation to the motion and changes in the equilibriums of human bodies. The essential process of thermodynamics is that whereby heat cycles through a system of chemical species, e.g. water molecules in a steam engine or human molecules in a social system (sociological thermodynamics) and thereby mediates the production of work. In simple terms, heat, in the form of gamma-ray photons, cycles from the sun, the systems are coupled economies, the chemical species are people, and the work is the work of life. The four laws of thermodynamics define the boundaries of this action.

The Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics (, started in 2007, is compendium of 500+ articles on topics in human thermodynamics as well as a listing of the biographies of the dozens of pioneers of human thermodynamics as well as their theories.

How does it explain love? There is an entire page dedicated to this, but let's focus on the main page.

(A) Why do certain subatomic particles, atoms, or molecules DESIRE to be with other certain subatomic particles, atoms, or molecules?

(B) Through these DESIRE fulfillment processes is HEAT Qreleased or absorbed (and why)?

(C) Summing A + B, together with our curiosity of human life, we note that starting from an early age there are several questions that seem to forever build to encompass our daily lives:

What - do I have to do to get (i.e. bond with) that
most desired man or woman?
the feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state [3]
- do I have to make this pristine SELECTION?

Where - do I need to be in life to optimally effectuate this PROCESS?

Why - am I innately HOT for certain PEOPLE, objectives, or occupations, etc.

“To HEAT are due the vast movements which take place on the earth.” [4]

- will I know with absolute certainty that I will make the right CHOICE?​

As many will agree, the mechanism underlying the desire to bond perfectly with another human being is the most fundamental curiosity of all human existence. No other question carries more weight! The science of human thermodynamics provides the answer. This objective defines HT's pinnacle mandate for millennia to come. Thermodynamics itself is concerned with transformations of energy, and the laws of thermodynamics describe the bounds within which these transformations are observed to occur. The "process" of human life defined by its myriad peculiarities within its insatiable multi-timed flow is one of these bounded transformations. Over the last 200-years, more than 105+ individuals have published views on the relationship between thermodynamics and existence.

Why, via thermodynamic equilibrium, of course!

A balance of two entities: the heat energy supplied to and the work energy performed by a substance [7]

With respect to intimate relationship (reaction) life, to elaborate on the concepts of equilibrium and spontaneity, it is well known that the process of pair-bonding or human bonding in general and the characteristic love or heat energy dynamics resulting from such bond formations mediates thru the action of conjoined parallel, evolving, substrate-attached, human chemical reactions. The change in the Gibbs free energy determines the "spontaneity" of these reactions, i.e. if they will work or not. In other words, for example, in theory, rather than haphazardly and inefficiently stumbling through the dating market "testing the water" (i.e. hot, ambient, or cold) one can instead constructively use the Gibbs free energy equation to pre-calculate or see into the future whether or not any particular bond will hold, be it a relationship bond, occupational bond, or friendship bond, etc., as determined by how far such bonds are from equilibrium (i.e. dead relationship level)

In the much-vaunted Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics (, Libb Thims (whose username there is Sadi-Carnot), cracks the code of all major world religions.

A true intellectual at heart, he recognizes such truths as Osiris and Dionysus-Bacchus being the same as Moses, that the Egyptian god Ra is the same as the Vedic god Brahma who is the same as the Biblical patriarch Abraham (they all have "Ra" in their names, you see, among other similarities), and that all Ab-Ra-ham-ic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'ism, and Mandaeism) and B-Ra-hma-ic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism) are ultimately one and the same.

Let us study further into this man's works, and receive knowledge by his wisdom.
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Jun 20, 2018
Hey, I love it when people take genuine scientific terms and concepts then use those words to describe some made up bullshit that has nothing to do with said scientific concepts!

Anyway, join MY religion, human quantum physics and negative-onetheism.