World Hungary nationalism salt thread - All in one thread about how a country smaller than New York makes big US newspapers ree. Updated for the Hitler^2 meeting, lots of REEE!


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Lol, "whoa, a people with intimate knowledge of being overrun by barbarian hordes sympathizes with people in a similar plight? sounds racist to me..."

Israel is going to do some dumb shit from time to time, but it's not like they're talking out of their ass. They're always on the brink of destruction. They're trying to maintain a liberal democracy where all citizens (including Arabs) have equal rights, in a part of the world where on all sides their enemies passionately hate them for both racist and political reasons.

Throw a dart at a map of the middle east and try to hit a non-Israel country where gays have equal rights. If you do, you're a fucking sharpshooter and the Israelis might hire you. (in b4 muh pinkwashing)
Sometime this century, Hungary and Poland are going to become super powers while Western and Northern Europe decay from the inside and I just hope I live long enough to see it
I wouldn't say that, but I think we will survive the jihad, I mean storm that will tear the western parts down. China and Russia will still dominate, and the US can go either way still.
We may become stronger regional players though.
The US will remain intact because the tools for freedom are baked into our constitution. Ironically, all the different political groups in the US, pulling in different directions, keeps them from agreeing to work together to ruin it.

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I did not say the US would become subjected to foreign rule, just that with the educational system down the drain and the poc immigrants being not the brightest of their home countries, welfare leeching being a national sport, high living standards enshrined into society, the US has a rough time ahead if it seeks to maintain its superpower status for the next.... 50 years.

Chinese are just as efficient and I feel that they will try to wrap the brain drain from the US. I feel they would already done so, except Chinese and English are too different and its a big problem if they would want to import foreign scientists.

And that's where the treasure is buried. Immigration only works if you take only the best of the best of others. Not the worst of the dumb.

Make no mistake, the superpower status of the US owes a great, great deal to aquired (mostly Jewish) scientists (mostly German and Hungarian ones) who either fled the genocide or had other reasons to go to the US. The technological boost this scientist-gathering caused basically allowed the US to cost through until now, but other countries are catching up technologically.

Einstein, Szilard*, Fermi, Teller, Neuman, relativity, nuclear reactors, nuclear bombs, hidrogen bombs, computers. Jew from Germany, Hungary, Italy, Hungary, Hungary.
So yeah, if it wasn't for Israel, Hungary and Germany, I doubt we would be shitposting here right now.

On Israel, I think deep down they know that we may not like them that much, but we are reliable if you got a common enemy, and a common historical theme of your homeland being occupied. And even mad right wingers will admit Religion of Peace (and Communism) is worse than any amount of Oy Vey.

Even during World War 2, our leadership was less than 100% efficient in the genocidal aid efforts. Our sovereign Axis goverment was not at the time persecuted by the West, with its leader even receiving jewish funds after he made a botched "delay the death camp ride" effort. We went into that war to recover lost territory, not to remove Oy Vey.

Sometimes the guy you are suspicious at is still the enemy of your enemy, and when you got just one somewhat reliably ally (Poland for us, US for Israel) and lots of foes , that suspicious guy with the same interests is no longer looking quite as repulsive as before.

*That guy was apparently a born troll though, never flushing the communal toilet as that was "servant's work that's beneath his genious" and was apparently also known to belch and fart gloriously whenever he felt like it.
He also got bladder cancer and just invented a working radiotherapy cure for it. Badass genious of a troll he was.


Hungarian Prime Minister said earlier the EU risks being “overrun” by mass immigration and said his government had “prevented the Islamic world from flooding us”. Orban singled out immigration from Africa as potentially leading to “our worst nightmares coming true”.

His Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki also strongly opposed the EU’s forced migrant quota system, describing it as an assault on national sovereignty. The EU Commission wants to tie funding on which poorer eastern countries rely, to respect for their dictates.

Reuters reported that Hungary refused any proposal that would provide the potential for blackmail of anyone with regard to the payment of EU funds based on the treaties.

Both leaders, meeting in Warsaw, said people in Africa the Middle East should be helped in their own countries as it would be a more effective long-term solution to the migrant crisis.
Go Hungary and Poland! It's too bad everyone will call them racist islamophobes for not wanting their country overrun with rapist jihadis Allahu Snackbarring public areas and grooming underage girls.

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It also helps if we don't understand the language used!

Pre-victory speech before the elections. Subtitles included.

From the Peace March where he gave his speech. Estimates run by opposition party lowest from 60.000 to party highest by 460.000, almost 25% of all the capital's population.

The crowd includes banners for "Independence" and flags with town names. Apparently it was more than just the capital's population.

"The homeland before everything (else)." , Orban's new slogan. He also stole the right to center Jobbik's previous slogan, Hungary is for Hungarians (only) and used it as his party seems to switch places with Jobbik for far right. (Good, far right is always better in our language!)

"We will not be a colony."

"We love you Victor" with more town names, and a flag reading Red: Can't make it out, White: "For the nation" and Green: "For Hungary(-country)!"

"We will not be indebted, One is the Homeland."

Big crucifix and old style royal flag.

Outrage once more as hungarian state media claims that the mali migrant saved a french boy because he became an expert on treeclimbing in africa.

I think we went into epic we-ening category and its gloriously trololo.

Dayyyyum I missed out on Milo's speech in a big dance bar in the capital. I know that place!

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Why does Soros want to destroy Europe and send in thousands of migrants from shitholes in Africa and the Middle East? Does he get off on seeing Muslim/African rapists attacking kids in Germany? Or that in the last year many of these countries have become increasingly unsafe at night?

It’s amazing to me how these idiots disregard the safety and well being of their countrymen and the people they swore to represent.
The thoroughly cowed (by either fanatical religion or fatigue at resisting cultural invasion) are more easily controlled.
As a somewhat more concrete reasoning...

Now why in the world would a man that reaps his fortune by playing international finance & forex like a fiddle want more nations going further into debt?

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Wapo is reeing again!

Merchantberg as well.

"Everybody who is rescued must go back to Africa," Orban told Bild, when asked about migrants crossing from northern Africa to Europe. "This is the only way we can prevent these mass deaths at sea. The borders must be protected. Nobody should be brought in or allowed in. Immigration policy is not a common task for the EU. It is a national matter for each member state. Since 2015, they have tried to make this a common task -- and have failed."

Orban doesn't want to pay for the opposition's media costs. LITERALLY HITLER!

Meanwhile we are conspiring with Mongols to destroy Europe:

Israel is the real nazis, once more, guys, totally true! Believe us Arabs!

Off topic: Hungary and international movie industry.


Italy is now trying to work out its differences over migration policy with Hungary. Basically, we don't want them at all, but we are more than happy to help the digos keep their ports and their daughters' legs closed.

Soros's University stops teaching migrants due to goverment sanctions:

Da Nekro Updaet:

Apparently we are the third least refugee friendly country in the world! :heart-full:
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You'll have to work just a little bit harder if you want the top spot - go for it!
Alas we are far from being the most racist country, and knowing that India holds the Number One spot, we couldn't dethrone the great land of bobs and vegana :(

Marrying Jews and Japanese is ay-okey! We do love our Shekels!

Though do note these are small sample size urban polls. But not all the results are slanted, there is virtually no anti-yellow racism here, as long as they don't start eating cats and dogs we are totally cool with them.

Also, for all the western protests, the ruling party is still holding a major,heh, majority:

Fidesz is ruling center right, Jobbik is right wing, MSZP the commie old school left, LMP the greens, DK a general left party with Momentum. Kétfarku Kutya is the two tailed dog joke party. Párbeszéd another left one, Mi Hazánk is a Jobbik right wing splinter party.

And every time the west rees, the hungarians will flock to Orban.

And apparently the four Visegrad countries want to make a joint army with Croatia. I never expected slavs would be willing to join arms with us, but the surprise is not unpleasant.

Expected to match Daddy Trumpu's Nato minimum budged by 2024
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So... Hungary's vote (Hungary being a member of the EU) goes against EU values... what? Their values are part of the EU values, aren't they? Or is the EU just Germany's values, but everyone else gets to pay for it?
It is basically the same stuff as the Democrat values being the only American values, and screw the Republicans. But the EU is now becoming more and more like its soviet forebearer, and becoming a central autority.

There was even a huge battle where Orban was accused of accosting all media. What he did was to pull GOVERMENT FUNDING from opposition party media.
Now I doubt that in the US, Trump HAS to fund the Huffington post and Gawker.... :) Or imagine Obama funding Breitbart or Fox for the matter.
Which was the way it was here before Orban changed it.

All the complaining locals that I have talked to had no answer to my reply : "How is it censorship? He is just not paying for it. If you like it so much, why don't you and the opposition party fund it?"

As said above, the thing that makes Hungary a not so good place to live in is poverty and bad healthcare. Free, but damn its about as efficient as prayer. Generally, chinamen and jews can just walk around the town after dark in a way they wouldn't be able to in more... diverse and vibrant places.

Just avoid the gypsies. The only good think they do is that they keep the skinheads and other real white supremacists focused on them and keeping public order, instead of harassing poor Mrs Goldenstein.

As for blacks, they are so few that its not really an issue. But the migrant crisis has them being associated with hardcore islam though.

But if an American black nerd took his christian family here, it wouldn't raise feathers. A few odd looks would be his due, for most people see an African as often as they see a white raven, and thus would stare out of curiosity, but not hatred.

Generally, any outspoken and well behaved christian would be welcomed if he knows how to work, obey the law, and be polite.

This is all due to the fact that Hungary had no issues, and very little contact, with blacks and yellows. We got no reason to really hate them, since we did nothing to them, they did nothing to us.
In fact most of the tension comes from the fact that the west thinks we owe them gibsmuh for colonisation or slavery and such, which we never ever committed to begin with, and thus we aren't guilty of.

In fact, "white guilt" is very foreign a concept to Hungary. In fact, hungarian feels that they are the victims of centuries of oppression, and thus we owe others nothing, for they gave us worse than nothing.

Even the anthem states, that "We have paid already for all sins past and future." which is a statement taken to heart. Where a german feels guilty, we feel the others should feel guilty to us, but they don't because they are assholes.


The goverment told a Shekel Master to mind her own business.

Sweden calls nazi, we call them aberrant.

Russian bank gets diplomatic immunity and more dykes dykes China trade.
Take that daddy Trump

Daddy mad, sends some shitlib called Pompeo to reee.

We have a hate love relationship with bestest and most trustworthy ally of the USA. Apparently israelis are not true jews but white supremacists who oppress poor kebab.

Hungary and Poland are nazi bffs with Israel. Best timeline.
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Leave it to the Slavs to remove the Kebabs.
I just thought of something. Hitler had no problem with the kebabs, but he hated the Slavs. Merkel also has no problem with the kebabs and hates... Oh fuck it. lipstick on a pig is still a pig. When the reaction to this happens.... and it will happen... it is going to be brutal. When thousands of young girls being raped by foreigners is an acceptable and ignored catastrophy, what the fuck do these people think will happen when people reach the "this far and no further" point? It's going to turn very ugly at some point [it's ugly now, but you know what I mean]. I don't see how people don't get that excusing injustice will lead to a frenzy of retaliation, and to be frank, the only winners will be whites, slavs, and chinese.
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To be honest I hear a lot of german tourists being very upset. They often vent to the local hosts, perhaps because here they can talk freely without being called out as raaayycisss and other useless buzzwords. Lot are very upset, having reached the point where they get drunk and use as a shoulder to yell on who just nods in agreement.


I am literal poison.
According to some member states and representatives of several countries, in their view, Hungary wants to undermine the EU’s international authority.
In the debate, the Ambassadors of Spain, France, Austria and the Finnish Government also protested against the veto. They said it was very bad for EU diplomacy. Whether it is an agreement with a safe third country or transit country, the Hungarian veto would undermine EU prestige in the negotiations, diplomats argued.
Others have been repulsed by the veto of the Hungarian government, which they claim “helps illegal migration” by attacking legal migration. French and German ambassadors lambasted what they described as “regular Hungarian efforts to undermine the EU’s important collective issues”.
The EU only exists so Europe can hold on to what little importance it has left on this earth. And it's fading fast.
To be honest I hear a lot of german tourists being very upset. They often vent to the local hosts, perhaps because here they can talk freely without being called out as raaayycisss and other useless buzzwords. Lot are very upset, having reached the point where they get drunk and use as a shoulder to yell on who just nods in agreement.
I work with tourists and I also have heard many, many complaints. Most Europas I've talked to fucking hate the EU. Others love it. It's always one or the other.

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We want better dakka, nato liek

Eu salty

Old frenchie rreeeeeeee! Calls Trump idiot baby and Orban the evil nazi mastermind.
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Why does Soros want to destroy Europe and send in thousands of migrants from shitholes in Africa and the Middle East? Does he get off on seeing Muslim/African rapists attacking kids in Germany? Or that in the last year many of these countries have become increasingly unsafe at night?

It’s amazing to me how these idiots disregard the safety and well being of their countrymen and the people they swore to represent.
"the time to buy is when there's blood in the streets."

So, in essence, it all boils down to money. George Soros is, after all, a man of finance, not some cackling super-villain from a comic book. EU, especially it's western members, have a problem. Their working-class citizenry is too well fed, too educated and too well protected by too powerful labour unions. While this is all good and dandy for the common man, it's not for the capitalism. The price of work and thus production in Europe is too high, and if something is not done it will spell the financial doom for EU and the profit margins of the megacorps somewhere down the line. In democracy, it's quite hard to take away something from the masses once you've granted it to them. It's relatively easier to engineer a crisis in continental scale to bring back harder times, so that the proles will get the message and fall back in line. And that is the business of Soros in this scheme. To help the ruling elites of the EU to implement this course of action, for mutual beneficial gain.

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