World Hungary nationalism salt thread - All in one thread about how a country smaller than New York makes big US newspapers ree. Updated for the Hitler^2 meeting, lots of REEE!


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Orban's government is simultaneously trolling the EU and the global communist movement by making an exception in their anti-refugee policy for Venezuelans with Hungarian ancestry. So far some 350 Venezuelans have been brought to Hungary and successfully reintegrated through language and culture courses, with plans to bring in another +750. Apparently a small population of Hungarian Fascists and anti-Communists had emigrated to Venezuela after WW2 and the Budapest Uprising in order to avoid Allied war crimes tribunal and Soviet secret police respectively.

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Loli Hitler

Giga ree calling him everything feom incompetent to demonic(ally good at spreadin da rayyciss) with no cohesion.

He says white guilts is not a hungarian thing.

Epp expulsion unlikely.

Eu has been mostly unsuccessful in turbaning thr Orban.

Orban says migrants will come again.

Mini trade embassy to be built in Jerusalem. Oy vey, how shoah!

Mostly the same Venezuela thing. But helping hungarian descendants in foreign lands have been a part of Orban's politics for years now.
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Isn't that mostly to try and steal back Vojvodina, Székely Land, and Felvidék?
That too, but mostly to get these double citizens to vote for him.

They call us the promised land? This is like six gorillion shoahs! (Oy vey!)


Gay Niggers from Ultra Space

They call us the promised land? This is like six gorillion shoahs! (Oy vey!)
This one is my favorite bullshit dodge “uh UR A IMAGRUNT” yeah no shit Sherlock. Every human not living in a very small slice of the Fertile Crescent is either an immigrant or descended from them. However if your anscestors put down roots 500 fucking years ago, that’s your homeland. There are cities in the east coast of America that are 400 years old now and have been inhabited by the same 1000 or so families that built the fucking place since before the colonies revolted, and you’re telling me the city they built four centuries ago doesn’t count as their home because once upon a time a Mohawk shot a rabbit there first? Get out of here with that shit.

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Loli Hitler

Orban is confident in a right wing shift, or he would reee to EPP louder. He has great instincts fir abandoning a loosing team and joining the new power, as well as having backup plans.

The goverment does not want to fund pseudo sciences like gender studies nor waste money researching it.

Reee you need more womans in power!

The usual "Israel in cahoots with nazi huns" spiel.


We want to do better with Nato. Let us trade with Russia daddy Trump!
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Orban's meme game is strong

Hungary's new family policies are being promoted by one of the internet's best-known dysfunctional couples.

The government of Viktor Orban is bringing in a "family protection action plan", which includes tax breaks for mothers of multiple children.

Eagle-eyed Hungarians, however, noticed something familiar about the models on posters that went up in Budapest.

The poster uses a stock image featuring the "distracted boyfriend" meme star and his partner.

Unlike the cosy picture of the couple featured in Budapest, the "distracted boyfriend" image has been shared innumerable times online, with text layered over the top to share jokes about indecision, disloyalty, hypocrisy or virtually anything else.

They were both in a series of images shot by photographer Antonio Guillem, and are available at low cost on Shutterstock.

The pro-family billboards provoked some amusement in Budapest, hours after the government appeared to have rushed to remove another series of posters across the city.

Those posters, paid for with public funding, had infuriated the EU and had been condemned as "fake news".

They featured European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, alongside billionaire philanthropist George Soros with text accusing both of backing illegal immigration. Mr Soros has frequently been targeted in Hungary with conspiracy theories and anti-immigration rhetoric.

The row over the posters and Mr Orban's repeated anti-EU rhetoric annoyed so many political leaders that his Fidesz party has faced calls to be kicked out of the European People's Party - the biggest group in European politics, of which Mr Juncker is a senior member.
When the leader of the EPP group, Manfred Weber, visited Budapest on Tuesday to seek an apology from Mr Orban, the offending posters along his car's route were hastily papered over.

Mr Weber said the grouping's fundamental values "have to be respected by all EPP party members and also by Fidesz".

Anti-government graffiti soon appeared in the empty blue spaces where the posters had been.

While the billboard campaign appears to have stopped, the anti-EU ads were still to be seen on pro-Orban news websites on Wednesday.

The poster featuring the "distracted boyfriend" couple promotes a family protection action plan of measures to make Hungarian women with four or more children exempt from income tax for life.

Mr Orban's government is looking for a baby boom to boost its falling population numbers - rather than open the door to immigration.

The image selected for the new poster is entitled "happy couple or marriage hugging and enjoying in a couch at home".

The dramatic soap opera of the couple's life includes everything from fierce rows to financial worries to romantic evenings in.

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Loli Hitler
I would not be surprised if an intern did it for the lulz. Still, funny!

The anti eu posters are down, I hope he did not cave. Hungarian voters really do not take kindly to that.

Never appear weak. We were not named jackals in ww2 for no reason.

Yep he caved, I can hear the votes going over to Jobbik right now, right before the Eu elections. Weakness is a no go.

And right on the independence holiday. Shamfur dispray.
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I coulda been a contender

Yep he caved, I can hear the votes going over to Jobbik right now, right before the Eu elections. Weakness is a no go.

And right on the independence holiday. Shamfur dispray.
Noooo... Hungary is the last bastion of hope for a sensible EU. Please don’t let Daddy Orban capitulate to these multiculturalist exceptional individuals.

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Loli Hitler
Big thing that redpill never gets, is that Orban loves money and is most likely a jew.

If principles get in his way, he abandons them.

He went right because of the votes and it worked for everybody.

I wonder if he would have resisted if Soros gave him half of his jewgold. ?

As long as he does not let the CEU back he can salvage this but that's :optimistic:

For a long time he wanted to make the eu his personal money maker under a conservative croney capitalist leadership. That is why he approves of stuff like eu army that the principled right can not stand.
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I'm moving to Niue next month
Oh boy, i wonder when Orbán's gonna respond to the Christchruch mosque attack.It's really ironic that it happened on the March 15th's Hungarian National day.

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Loli Hitler
It is Hitler^2 time! Trump+Orban meeting is generating quite the salt! ((Signals from Silicon valley downloaded. Installing npc.exe)) They are working on a master plan to destroy democracy!

The most impartial site ever:

Swamp not happy

It is not just China, its Russia too! edu-cation my ass.


Orban is here to teach Trump how to supress Abcdlgbtquatgbcatonkeyboard minorities and poor religion of peace!

Will Putin be jealous?

Lol libtards dream of President Bernie inviting Maduro.

Orban does not like Twitter, says its not impartial. Duh.


Ooooooooh, be a good conservative and support liberalism, goyim!


Fidesz, far right, opposition Jobbik not. Jobbik (Righter) ex-leader had said that Islam is a good cure against the jewish problem. Yeah. Lol. I don't have a problem with Jobbik but they are at least as right as Fidesz.

Non ree:


Soros and msn shills says he is Stalin! I thougth Hitler would sound better. Isn't Stalin a good guy to Democrats anyway?

Former US ambassador to Hungary says Trump gets a nice gun deal from it. And our army may even have artillery, made in America, the country that invented Really Big Guns!

Let this be:

You got to go back. Either we can dump you on the border or give you a flight ticket back to Durka Land.

Gotta catch them all:

Fedoras not happy with this:

Lol, this is troll gold:
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Loli Hitler

A rather interesting and less reee-tastic and more factual take on our Dear Leader.

Migrants beware, you get baton and dogs. Oldie but goodie.

These two can make any patriot turgid.
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