Hungover Wendy's Mook-bong (prerecorded) - 06/01/20 -

The rant didn't garner enough attention, so now she's going to provoke people by eating a Wendy's 20 piece nugget meal on camera while talking about dieting and trying to get sympathy (!!!?!) talking about missing life and going out. Damn girl, make up your mind.

She genuinely is doing anything to try and drum up a bit of response so she can pay her bills. She knows what uploading this stuff will do, and now she actually needs the money she'll do anything (except think about how claiming to waste $200 on alcohol while also needing coin is going to sound).

She’s always asking if her eyes look weird. Everything about you looks weird and abnormal.

Also is it just me, or does she just not seem hungover in this video? I’m not a drinker so I’m no expert. But ain’t it a major headache and you just wanna sit in the dark.

But I guess we did establish in her video “last night was intense” that she didn’t actually get drunk. and I’m assuming that this is the day after.

“When I drink, I do not sleep good” ItS ThE SlEeP ApNeA

Anyways only made it 5 minutes in, i’ll wait for the recap 🥱

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The elves are behind it all!
If only she had some sort of body part people have been fascinated to see, that isn't sexual in nature so it can be shown on YouTube... Some sort of hideous tree trunk like appendages said to bring madness upon all who behold suck a twisted sight...

If only... :thinking:

Surely that would drum up some cash.

Or just breaking up with the butler and getting kicked out of the fagshanty, that would bring in the views!


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Amber said:
my weightloss has stalled
You don't say, boo boo.

This video is boring as shit but it lends itself to good screencaps. EDIT: They went through $200 worth of alcohol? Damn gorl, y'all aren't college aged anymore.

Amber's impression of someone without super thin lips:
Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 20.16.00 - Copy.png

This is the size of the violin everyone is going to be playing for that massive ER bill she just racked up:
Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 20.18.40 - Copy.png

"Why didn't I listen to everyone when they told me I should see a gynecologist?"
Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 20.19.53 - Copy.png

Soooooo, this is to entertain us while she's recovering from her harrowing experience?
No, this is to make money to pay for the bill.
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our gorl loves to talk about how much she draaaanks
its like she wants to be called an alcoholic

im surprised she didn’t shove in each of those nuggies in one bite. you know she wanted to.

“i didn’t go get this food, lol nope.”
Boo we know you didn’t, when have you ever gotten your own food ?
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