Hungover Wendy's Mook-bong (prerecorded) - 06/01/20 -

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The comment about the rain cracked me up. Does she know the blinds are slightly parted behind her? No rain, gorl. Not even the slightest pitter patter of drops hitting a window. It's dead silent.

Excuse the minor sperg, but I just had to know so I checked what the weather was like in Monticello on May 14th (assuming that's when she filmed this). It didn't rain at all that day. It was in the 80s and clear. 🌞

Somewhere in the distance, I can hear the faint sounds of Zachary Michael whispering, "Rain, what? Rain, who? Where's the rain, Gorl? We love to see it." lol

The rant didn't garner enough attention, so now she's going to provoke people by eating a Wendy's 20 piece nugget meal on camera while talking about dieting and trying to get sympathy (!!!?!) talking about missing life and going out.
I am really wondering whether she's dumb and doesn't even think how the videos (because they are all prerecorded) will look next to each other, or smart because she expected the rant to stir some haydurs and then they'll come to the mukbang?

Every time people fall for this shit, she feels better about herself. I wish people would stop watching so we'd eventually get some good content.
Yep, I am glad there are archives here so to not give her views and money, but they buffer so badly for me anyone else?

"I know, I'm making bad choices."

She says that like acknowledging it makes it somehow better, when her making these bad choices consciously actually makes it worse.
It's not the first time, she have said multiple times that at least she is acknowledging her mistakes etc. etc. I haven't seen (might make it myself) a compilation of her saying "but that's okay..." as it's something she does quite a bit. Oh chicken skin is bad for me, but I am gonna eat some and that's okaaaaay. Ugh

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ngl hungover-still-slightly-drunk amber is pretty great. would 11/10 watch more hungover content. her eyeballs are fighting against each other, whines about having nothing to drink but continues to sit there shoveling fries in, and you can almost see the smoke coming out of her ears as her last two brain cells work overtime to attempt a full sentence in english. keep it up hamber!

if only there was some widely-available liquid she could drink to help her hangover... wouldn't it be great if she could just waddle up to the sink and get it out of the tap....
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