HuniePop 2 introduced a trans character—but fan backlash may erase her -

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nigga what
the entire fucking game is about fetishizing
it's PORN
it's a PORN game
For people like this, they'll think it would set trans people back despite the fact that they could of used the moment to say "ha, we're infiltrating more of your shit for the TRANS AGENDA". Also yeah it's a porn game, what are these people going to expect? A deep story?

She's still cute tho
The 80's look is shit. Makes em shit tier waifu material.

They mentioned that and the trannies got angry.
Better option. Put that sort of thing in and let the rest of pitch a fit, be it those that don't want the feminine trap penis and those that think it's making a fetish out of trans people. And yet this game didn't cause much of a stir with the porn addicted Muslim grill.

All that said, this dev may as well be the best trolling game dev since it causes everyone to REEEEEEEEE over some 80's looking lady with a dick.


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I think really at this point it's because people are sick of game companies pandering to the Tumblr crowd (A majority of whom don't even buy a lot of video games, if any). While some would also make the fact that it's a character that is hamfisted in... IT'S A FUCKING ANIME (puzzle) DATING GAME, which let's face it, are not known for particularly deep or well-written characters.

Fact of the matter is that many people don't want to see these game companies sink because they decided to pander to idiots... As pandering has shown to be extremely bad for business (Battlefield 5 and Andromeda are perfect examples, both under EA's turd umbrella).

So I can understand why these people don't want troons in their games, as it's the worst sort of pandering that alienates fans and sinks companies.

The game has always been about representation. Every race and major religion.

Can't wait till they make a Jewish stereotype.