I am a Chinese(in mainland China),you can ask me some questions other than the government -

Bayun Fulan

First,i am not "wumao"(Internet commentator),I'm just a high school student(already 18),from chongqing.My English is not good, so I can only use translation software,excuse me.

i know you are biased against the Chinese people because of the coronavirus,but please believe that not every chinese is narrow-minded,low quality and nationalistic.There's a lot of Wumao on the Internet,it's a pity that we are represented by them,the voice of normal people in this country is flooded because everything we say on the Internet is monitored.If you say some words against the gov,either the post is deleted or warned by the webpolice.It is absolutely not a joke,I've heard a lot examples about being warned, arrested and even sentenced by the police just because the name of the president was mentioned,including a person I know.So please understand,i can't answer the questions about political sensitivity directly.You.can talk it freely,but I am in china,in mainland china,I need to care about my safety.Even if it's an anonymous forum,please believe that they have a lot of ways to monitor your words,even in tor,even using vpn.There are cases of penalty for using VPN,but
because the number of users is too large, it will not be handled usually,but making a statement with vpn is even more dangerous than not.So I will not use it(it's also surprising the website can be connected directly in my country,maybe too few people know it).

Although I can't explain it directly,you may have known my attitude.Yes,it's different from most people around me or in the internet,many people only get the information by reading the domestic media,they believe the virus was made by America,they are hostile to other countries including japan,south korea,france.They view racism with double standards,they often call 黑鬼(nigger),白皮猪(white pig)but can't stand the country be criticized.They celebrated "911",they have no shame at all for spreading the virus,they go to the twiter to abuse the tskk,the bts,the nba,the only word is nmsl(ni ma si le,Cursed the death of the other's mother).In fact,I really hate this situation,any Objections can't be tolerated there,or you will be considered"汉奸"(Traitor),too bad,too bad.I have used vpn to view some websites banned in my country for two years,I know all bad things about my country,the gov,It’s really painful to know the truth but can't tell.I am not proving that I am better than others,but they only believe in what they want to believe.

How do i know this website?From an introduction of another website.This site is interesting,it reminds me of a website that I have seen with a lot of bad guys on the Internet in china,it’s a pity that it was later blocked by the police for breaking the law.Why don't I go to the reddit,or other English Forums?Well,I can go to this website without vpn,the people know this website are rare,so i don't need to worry being easily found by other chinese.And your attitude towards China is not with unrealistic ideas like treating it as heaven.

The China-US situation is anxious now,but i believe ordinary people in both countries can still perform normal conversation.If you have questions about china,chinese memes,chinese culture,i can answer it as a normal chinese.I have never had conversations with foreigners before,but I really want to try.

So Am I the first Chinese to post on this website(in mainland china,not chinese in USA)?


Waiting for jxj only fans...
How do I make cha siu bao?
What's a good wanton recipe?
And why does baijiu tastes like moonshine?
How real is the fear that I maybe eating fake food if I visit?
Why do they deny Tiananmen square happened?
Do you think Xi Jinping looks like winnie the pooh?
Why are they shitting on the only one good TV series story of yanxi palace? Like come on the costumes don't look like they were fucking made in a factory with orphan tears!
Which province has the best food?
What's the best noodle dish?
Is fried rice the same as american fried rice?
Is the Peking duck pizza in pizza hut china good as well?
What would you recommend I'd order first time getting dim sum?
Do I have to drink tea during dimsum or can I have wine or beer?
Why drink water warm or room temp?
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What do Chinese nationalists actually think of Western media? Do you know anyone who has talked about twitter/youtube/etc in person? They go outside of escapades into the wider internet, but never seem to realize how much better things could be, even when they experience the fruits of freer places first hand. The current situation with Hololive is extra confusing, since Chinese found a Japanese company and decided to adore it (without Hololive's input for nearly a year), but now the Japanese are "evil invaders" who "profiteered and won't follow China's rules."

If the government finds out you posted here, what will your punishment be? One bullet to the back of the head or two bullets?
They don't need bullets anymore, they just drop your sesame score and tell your precinct to harass you.