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Get close and you can still see tell-tale male bone structure, in particular the forehead. Stunting his growth prevented most of it but that doesn't all happen at puberty.

He sorta passes until you see that weird nose. That nose is the start of the breaking of the puzzle when you see his weird forehead, the cheeks look a bit too flat, the eyebrows are a bit sharp, but the nose...it just gives everything away. It's clearly the nose of a young male Jew. Jewish Woman have pointy noses. An obvious sign of suspicion there.

I always thought he looked Indian though. I dunno.


If i remember correctly, the space between the mouth and nose is one of those areas that is targeted during a feminization transition. Women have a smaller philtrum area. I dont know if jazz had surgery or fillers but i do know that this small area is scrutinized and focused on as part of the transition.

I remember it being mentioned when caitlyn had her tmi details posted all over the world.

If caitlyn had it done then you know that all the lil trans community focuses on it as well. Just like jazz counting the inches in her vagina (which no natural female does) and she will obsess with everything else.

Its all part of the mental issues of it. They obsess on the "if only i can get ____ then i will be happy and that will be enough". But the goal keeps changing and nothing is ever enough to make them finally feel comfortable in their own skin.

Goals like getting hormones, getting top surgery, getting their voice to change, etc. But as each goal is reached, so is their scrutiny on the next issue. And there will ALWAYS be another issue until the mental issues are truly addressed and dealt with.

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Has he had "facial feminization" surgery? I wonder if its filler or something.
Well Jeanette got Botox one episode... I can imagine Jazz begging for filler but I don't know, I can also imagine that is her face unadulterated outside of estrogen overdosing.

Jazz definitely got the "benefit" of puberty suppression when it came to not masculinizing, but the arrangement of his features is still very manly, and even as a kid he looked manly. I know he's a jew but he looks like one of those fat italian boys you could never picture successfully impersonating the opposite sex. From what I've seen, Jazz doesn't have a hulking man skull like most trannies, presumably because of the artificial dwarfing process, so that helps him look like a girl while also making it all uncanny valleyish since the facial features aren't so feminine.

Jazz will definitely get plastic surgery if you ask me. The mom will probably encourage it.

los pepes

Tbh, he would have been ugly af either way. Those lips are straight from uncanny valley (and I believe they're mostly natural, too, he already had them as a child). Kid never even had a chance. (:_(
The thing is he looks so odd because he never developed male facial features even though his face kept growing. It's like you took a toddler's face and stretched it out. Of course it's gonna be janky as fuck. With a longer jawline and larger male distance between the nose and lips who knows how it would have turned out. The most striking thing about him as he looks almost the exact same way he did when he was 3... and it makes sense because his growth and development was intentionally stunted then.


When I was five I wanted to be Conan the Barbarian, but my parents didn't put me on HGH and Testosterone. Nor did they buy me a sword.
I wanted to be a dinosaur and literally thought it was possible at that age. That's what makes this so dangerous. Turning your kids trans at an age where their brains cannot begin to fathom the true difference between fantasy and reality.

Great more nasty stink ditch talk and dilator product placement ?

I guess they will renew the show until Jazz has sex with an attention whoring boy toy who doesn't know what horrors lurk in the man-cave.
It was literally rotting. Unlike a normal vagina on a real woman. I know I am being :optimistic:. But maybe just maybe, the rotting, falling apart neovag talk will discourage someone from mutilating themselves.

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for the record, the fucked up thing with his nose/lips is that there is almost no space between the two. Most people have much more space between their septum and the top of their lip.
It's probably a grown man size nose on the skull of a 5th grader. The tissues on the nose and ears keep growing for life, so puberty blockers couldn't keep that piece of him in check.


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Zachary "Zinnia Jones" Antolak drew my attention to this paper, "Age Is Just a Number: WPATH-Affiliated Surgeons’ Experiences and Attitudes Toward Vaginoplasty in Transgender Females Under 18 Years of Age in the United States". The author interviewed 20 genital butchers, about half of which had operated on minors. People who follow the shenanigans of Jaron and his mom will feel a sense of deja vu. Apparently surgeons are really worried that post-op kids would just stop dilating when they enter college, and one of the rationale for early operation is that the kids would have a period of time when their parents will remind (or help) them to dilate!

Mom knows best.

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