I am so sad about this | 05-15-21 -

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I wonder if it would have been as easy, if she'd read the TOS, to list her earrings something like this: "An assortment of 3 blue pairs" or "3 different colored hoops." That way, there would be no "mystery" or whatever other no-nos selling sites can have. It wouldn't have been any more work on her end to select X number of pairs, package & ship them. But yeah, Amber.

If she's looking to save money, she might want to start by cancelling the many ongoing subscriptions she has for shit she doesn't use - diet plans, monthly boxes of random stuff & Lord only knows what else.

Her channel won't completely die out overnight. Clearly there's an element of loyalty with some of her fans. However she's going to learn, she's not the only one easily bored. People want to see a redemption arc or a complete train wreck. Boring your viewers to death is what is going to see them move on.