i can’t believe i’m sharing this.... 03/01/21 - Obvious clickbait is obvious


#79,383 (editor's note: what the fucking fuck?!)
Another boring, no becky, no window, jaudiced neck, mismatch makeup video. move along!

" i don't really want to go to the dr right now. but there's some pelvic pain situation going on" BAITthisisbait.img
i'll admit i raged a little when she shuffled the cards like that. that's what children do and then they fuck it up one good time and have to pick up the entire deck. i was kind of hoping she would drop it so becky could come clean it up.
who even sits and plays a card game like that alone. she couldn't even get becky on the camera to make it look like she could talk to another human being.
bleeping words that don't need to be bleeped.
doesn't understand the principle of "make yourself look busy" but that goes to show how useless of a worker she was.
"a little OCD thing i have" the phrase that people who absolutely DON'T have OCD say to make themselves seem quirky.
i'm convinced she's lying for most of these. eating food off other people's body and she can't answer it? i'm not expecting chicken parm, but "chocolate, whipped cream, things like that" isn't a convincing answer "FOOD ADDICT".
she pulls out editing for her chikadee squeeling and autist hand waving? ok
walk of shame = food
threw up on her friend and doesn't know what happened after. did no one tell you? did you not apologize or ask what happened after you blacked out? also, lol wine coolers. cheap drunk.
GARBAGE BAG CAUSE SHE CAN'T WALK TO THE TOILET (i've got an idea why she couldn't walk to the toilet)
"forgot destiny and her were broken up" probably why they don't come on camera with you anymore.
stranded or stuck: you sure the mattress in the living room doesn't count?
she equates passion to shopping. her shopping has sometimes gotten out of control. holy shit. she's never had a passionate night in her life.
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#79,383 (editor's note: what the fucking fuck?!)
The only questions she can answer are those that are food or work related and the mere mention of sex has her giggling like some preteen girl. Gives an extremely vague and generic answer for every sexual question and ends it with "...and that's all I'm gonna say!"

"I don't sabotage people like...whaaaaat?"
or she makes it about food.

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