i can’t believe i’m sharing this.... 03/01/21 - Obvious clickbait is obvious


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This one time, when I was fifteen, i stuck a toothbrush up my vajinky.

Well, she doesn't use it to brush her teeth...

She's mentioned before how much she hates the name "Big Al". Too bad, Big Al. That and "Liarlynn" are the two most apt names for her.

What a boring cow; can't even spend 20 minutes making up entertaining lies.

Go eat Al, you look hongry.


I think it is safe to say that she is making several videos in one day. The clothes behind her are folded exactly the same way.

you can see the thumbuttler is lazy. its getting cluttered.


A toothbrush in your vagina at over 400lbs? I'm pressing X to doubt...
Mainly because this is far too close to that Tana cunt's storytime where she was memed screaming "HE FUCKED ME WITH A TOOTHBRUSH!"

I mean, we all know Big Al loves to pretend she's an "influencer." But realistically, we also know she hasn't seen her private parts in about two decades. If she stuck a toothbrush in there, it's probably still there.


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6:45 "My jaw hurts when... you know..."
Oh my god, no I don't know! I don't want to know! FU Amber for putting that image in my head. Wait a minute, your jaw hurts?! What the hell are you doing down there...? Are you literally "eating pussy"? You know it's a figure of speech, right? Or maybe you were having a sandwich during sex like George Costanza.
Your jaw would be sore too after spending a couple minutes with Becky's massive cock n' balls.


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I wish her ex “boyfriends” would come out and tell the stories of their relationship with Amberlynn. Or even her peers from high school. It would be interesting ;)
That would require those people to give enough of a shit about her to think about looking her up in the first place.

The toothbrush story sounds about as likely as when she claimed she and Becky have sex 10 times a week: Not at all.

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Her eyes look tiny because she's still gaining. I think at this stage she's housebound & possibly pretty close to bed bound.

Going to make it even tougher to even pretend to be quirky & interesting. If she were at a slumber party spouting this nonsense, the other girls would all suddenly be exhausted & feigning sleep.

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