i can’t believe i’m sharing this.... 03/01/21 - Obvious clickbait is obvious


Watched part of a reaction video to this video, a few things stuck out. 1.) Never lied to a boss/supervisor? Doubtful, even if you just included her frequent 'bathroom' breaks. 2.)Observation: Sex with Destiny and Becky = virgin. Handjob in a dark, crowded movie theatre = 'sexual relations'. Why was she being coy like she's never told that story. 3.) What type of questions are these? Where would you like to stick a shard of glass, or something like that? So many of the 'saucy' answers go back 10-15 years. Those so inclined want to hear about the breathless (literally) super morbidly obese sex of recent years. I doubt her 'jaw hurts' very often, much to Becky's dismay, I'm sure. Chantals real and made up sex stories are 1000% more interesting, even her 'I pooped at an inconvenient place, at an inopportune time' stories are more fun than this was.

The cringe of Amber behaving like she was still with Destiny after vomiting. Sure, she forgot. And I very much doubt the toothbrush story, she didn't even tell it like it was something that she was actually recalling.

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Her eyes look tiny because she's still gaining. I think at this stage she's housebound & possibly pretty close to bed bound.

Going to make it even tougher to even pretend to be quirky & interesting. If she were at a slumber party spouting this nonsense, the other girls would all suddenly be exhausted & feigning sleep.
I do not think that there are too many 30-something women that would partake in such party game. The only people who seems to play these games are D&D and Becky.
Amber has nothing to do during the days but eating. No wonder she is gaining. She can’t walk very far, can’t stand for very long and can’t drive. She is in a prison with a 24-hr buffet.


of course she'd be the only employee in a nursing home who thought there was nothing to do after dinner

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She's a horrible communicator. Watching enough of her drivel is enough to make me crave a powerpoint presentation... Anything to bring me back to reality!
Also her clickbait is shitty and gay and she should feel bad.
She's in the back tracing cartoons.

People need to realize that Amber can't get dressed, wipe her ass, feed the pets, clean the apartment, show her face to the Uber drivers, get groceries on her own. She pays the Beckster in visa gift cards for those services.
Imagine paying your... Eh... "Significant" other for things that you should do yourself lol

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I am Jack's austic internal dialogue
I thought Big Al wouldn't take anything in her dainty "period hole"
True, when she did humanity a favour and had a hysterectomy she made a big deal about her virginity being taken away during the procedure because she had always too scurred to have a peen near her gunt drainhole

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A vlog from the morning after Amberlynn cried, threw up and blacked out at Dana's grungy ass trailer. Posted exactly four years ago.

Then: "I know it's a crazy situation but we all get along really well and I'm totally cool with it."
Now: "My ex-girlfriend who just broke my heart" and "her current girlfriend who I hated really."

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Let’s go fill the Internet with crime, come on!
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of course she'd be the only employee in a nursing home who thought there was nothing to do after dinner

Well OBVIOUSLY the elderly aren’t liek REAL people

Hey, to all tween girls watching chink eye makeup tutorials in order to look like their favorite KPOP idol: just gain 500 pounds. You’ll have so much fat no one can see your eyes anymore!

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She was a sk∞ter gurl
Lol you really think they put their clothes away the same day that they do laundry? Remember these are fat lazy twats, they don't act like regular people. That pile probably site there growing until it topples over then finally necks will huff and puff while putting it away.
The Hambeast is wide enough to get that pile in her way; she'd tilt that stack with her glorious laygs. And, you are right, her laziness keeps her away from touching that pile for days, if not weeks. Big AL was already caught several times changing clothes just to pretend it's a different day, like Chantard. Knowing that our gurlz talk, they most likely influence and "motivate" each other. After all, they known for picking up the worst habits.

In addition, like any deathfat, Big AL is not showering every day. Her hair is a proof of it. You might be deceived by her looks. But, as sad as it sounds, Hamber is one of the cleanest deathfats and she uses make up way more often than others. It is too much to repeat these actions for days. So, Amber is not gonna stick with something that requires effort for a long time. Also, she doesn't have enough concealer for her beetus knuckles.


Something I noticed alot in this video is she is getting uncomfortable sitting in that chair. She shifts around alot and adjust her legs alot more than normal. I'm thinking we will get a scenery change soon as she will have to rearrange her filming spot to the bed or floor as her legs hurt too much to be in that position in the chair.

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