I Can’t Breathe: Poem by Pamela Sneed

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Punished Benis

This chicken chokes itself
Jun 24, 2020
Bitch, could you tone down the thirst in your shitty, virtue signaling slacktivism? Regardless of politics, it's fucking creepy.

This was what sent me googling to double-check this wasn’t satire.
Now wait just a goddamn minute. The author's last name is fucking Sneed, it references gay niggers of a high altitude (if not quite outer space), and you're telling me this isn't ironic?

Did I just have a stroke, or is God playing japes on us all?

Dial M for Misgender

Higher than giraffe pussy
True & Honest Fan
Jul 8, 2018
"Entitled enough to sue"? Was an injustice done or not? What are you a fucking corporatist?