i can't give up.... (9/1/2019) -


Well fuck. Recap coming... Edit: PISSED RECAP.

i can’t give up.... - 9/1/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - is this Day 75 of 100 now?)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Shitty free music and old CnapChat randomness. Subtitle claims this video was filmed yesterday (8/31).

- "I'm sure a lot of you are confused right now." (Angry, yes. Confused, no.)

- "I was not in my best headspace. I wanted to leave YouTube. I was going to leave YouTube." (Then LEAVE.)

- "FaLL hAs bEGuN!" (Fuck you, Hamber.)

- Her suicidal video was up for 4 hours and she got "hundreds of DMs, filled with love". (So she's ignoring the DMs she likely ALSO got in alignment with the usual commentary?)

- People were telling her they DON'T want her to leave YouTube? Who the FUCK are those people? WHERE are those AmBabies? Any actual PROOF that ANYONE asked her to stay? (*blood boiling sound effects*)

- Oh, now claims she's MET "friends from YouTube"? (Yet again, no evidence of that ever happening.)

2:40 - see the status of deterioration on her nail polish? Clear this is about 2 weeks after that video was recorded. The only true way to monitor the timeline is her fingernail polish. (But the BeetusPaws are back in fool effect!)

Her "Four Types of Groups of Viewers":
1. People who 'hate her', no matter what.
2. People who 'like her' but are so frustrated with her that their anger, she takes as 'hate'.
3. People who 'like her' but don't leave comments (so it's only her assumption they 'like her').
4. People who 'like her' and show it.

- ApologyLynn and RedemptionLynn coming out. (Are we officially jumping back to Stage 1 in the Cycle? New Weight Loss doctor/plan/bullshit?)

- And it's over. Back to complaints about not putting on makeup. Complaints she 'already unboxed' potential haul content. (Oh, that's the fucking scrapbook nonsense she posted BEFORE the suicide-y video.)

- More collages. She's 100% back on her bullshit of 'quality content' being diarrheaed onto her channel.


- Oh no! We're back "in real time".

- WaddleLynn makes it inside of the store and into a scooter. Everything else is at scooter-level.

- Breast cancer shit at Kroger's as a gift for... didn't say or I wasn't paying attention because my mind is just dead from attempting to care. Only hate drives me now... Must hate enough to care...

- "These types of pants, in my opinion, make you super-sweaty" (EVERYTHING MAKES YOU SWEATY BECAUSE YOU'RE 600 FUCKING POUNDS YOU LARDTARD!)

- Hamber continues to rub her filthy stinking BeetusPaws all over everything in Krogers at scooter-height. (She's a fucking biohazard and needs to be quarantined back on Pillow Mountain.)

- Her lack of mobility includes being able to reach into the basket of her own ScootyPuff to "show everything" they're getting for this other person.

- They're done in the Kroger. Still filming. Because it's 7 hours post-upload and she has to gush even more about all the AmBabies sucking up to her massive shelf-ass. (She cuts away before we can see she likely once again left the scooter in the parking lot, or Necky was actually not in the car to start because SHE was returning it like a true Ms. Manners.)

- Keeps talking about she needs to "reflect on herself" when all she does is "deflect".

Random Comment from "leaving youtube....." (out of 6,416): H. "It is always our fault, always. It's never yours: the one who actuallty makes the decisions. I hope no one falls for your gaslighting."
Response: "Good comment for this whole situation." She takes offense to that because those were her true feelings. She doesn't consider it gaslighting. (DEFLECTS with cat hair comment) She truly felt horrible. As for "it's always our fault", NO IDEA WHAT THAT PERTAINS TO. She was talking about BOOLYING. (Still doesn't get that those "CROOL CROOL" comments are BECAUSE she fails at her dieting and has a shitty attitude about it all.)

- Still deciding if she's going to upload. She doesn't want to leave her "supporters alone" (when we all know she doesn't want her Banked YouTube Money to be "alone").

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"Stop getting any bigger or they'll EAT YOU"
no fucking way! I bet she wouldn't come back til Halloween at the latest ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ETA: "these pants in my opinion make you like....super sweaty" Amber, that is your constant state.

(also we need OP to properly embed the video)
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