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So she filmed yesterday's sack of sads on the 19th and waited two weeks to post it. In those two weeks, she posted many happy-giddy videos. On no day in those two weeks did she decide "I'm going to post this tomorrow, because it's how I felt in the moment, and if I wait, the moment will be lost" and on no day in those two weeks did she think "this video is so cringey, I'm more in control of my feelyweelies, I'll make a new video incorporating what I felt with my new perspective a few days on" No, she scheduled the video for two weeks after the tantrum and felt no shame for coming back the next day and being like "well, that was then, and this is now sooo... let's talk about scrapbooking junk*" I can't even say she did it for the "hundreds" of shelfpats, because you know those don't exist.

*she flipped to a scrapbook page of miley cyrus' wedding, wonder if she did a page of the pap shots of miley and some girl on a yacht and the news of the separation?

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Maybe I’m going to hell for this but I can’t stop fucking laughing at them getting “someone in Beckys family” a fucking breast cancer ribbon robe, socks, neck pillow and water bottle from the grocery store. How tacky can you get. What the fuck.
Like "someone in Becky's family" wants some gear to remind her she has cancer. FFS

Billie Ross

As usual... the lies...

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Amberlynn, after showing us some speddy collages, then tells us how she's been busy writing in her journals. So many personal entries, but she can't show those...because they are personal.

But to show us proof that she's been hard at work writing, she flashes one of her journal entries at the camera.

I wonder what the odds are, out of so many millions of journals, that she managed to flash the same exact journal entry she flashed the other lone time she flashed one, on July 26, 2018?

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This is how corrupt all deathfatties are. They will fucking lie about anything, no matter how pointless, and even go to unnecessary lengths to deceive. So, she hasn't been wasting a year, sitting on her ass and eating. She has the writing to prove it!

I have a growing suspicion that that is the only journal entry she has ever written...
She probably recorded that shit a few days after the "leaving" clickbait...
In the beginning she says "I uploaded yesterday" " today is 31st tomorrow will be the 1st"... "soon as my video YESTERDAY went live" in her fat re.tarded brain she relesead the video on the 30, not 31.... The stupid bitch can't even get her lies straight NEVER!!!!
The effort to try to show the laptop calendar just make it more obvious she changed the date...
Plus Hamber making people believe that she doesn't know how to open another tab and paste the link again to fish another comment .... sure Jan
I hope she dies before Christmas....
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Last time she "left uchoob, uwu" she didn't last a day blah blah blah yadda yadda general Clanger whiffling on zzzzzzzzzzzz,....

When the Ornj Chikkin calls, the gentle thud of blubberous hoofsteps will be heard....
The ooornj chikkun sent out the siren and, like any dumb, lumbering beast she is compelled by a force she doesn't comprehend but that atavistic impulse is the very power that drives life itself, rooted deep in our psyches and impossible to ignore*....it would be majestic, but she doesn't comprehend anything. Including the word "comprehend."

I'm here to collect my Smug stickies. Gypsy Rose Clanger has set up her tent and polished her crystal ball; roll up, roll up, test her amazing pers pis syp future-lookery powers yourself!

*read all that in a David Attenborough voice
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- Breast cancer shit at Kroger's as a gift for.
She would be the kind of person who latches onto shit like this, never even looking to see if the company gives money to research. /edit/ Why do I have the sinking suspicision that her buying this breast cancer stuff for some reason is her way of making us feel sorry for her? "Oh no, she has a friend that's sick", you know?

collages LMAO bitch you do that shit in like 4th grade
Collages are ok, but Amber's would have no ounce of creativity to them. Just shit pasted onto printer paper.
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All that breast cancer stuff, presumably going to a woman who has breast cancer. The pink ribbon is like a symbol of death and not many people with actual cancer want to walk around covered in pink ribbons. Plus that junk wasn’t even pretending to donate to any “awareness” charity, so it was a pure money grab.

So they are going to give an insulting gift to somebody dealing with cancer. Shocker.

I guess it makes sense for Amber though. Food is going to kill her and I bet she’d love a bunch of shirts with hamburgers, earrings that look like candy and Ben and Jerry’s plushies. A hoarder who makes scrapbook pages out of leftover packaging garbage is sooo classy. Not.

I hope the hate doubles and triples after this little stunt.