i can't give up.... (9/1/2019) -


do I have a life
Like "someone in Becky's family" wants some gear to remind her she has cancer. FFS
Holy shit EXACTLY, you have to be a sociopath to do that kind of stuff. Maybe if she was a cancer survivor, than it wouldnt be so weird, but still...
A breast cancer awareness blanket? A bottle? Who the fuck would want this shite in their house
Also she thinks she can just buy Becky's family's sympathy with her yeewtoob bux?
I'm not even mad about her trolling, it's not that surprising that she is already back.
Phase 1 it is, folks. Get ready for tomorrow's new diet plan video.


I'm a jerk feline
Big Al is like an infestation of bedbugs--almost impossible to get rid of. She is a very amusing bedbug tho....This little bit of trolling is gonna backfire on her as hard as a gas attack after a Mexican meal...

Wasn't "Thumby's bad news" her mom's got cancer? I'm sure she'll appreciate looking like breast cancer awareness threw up all over her.....

Rigor Meowtis

Good thing I don't know how to read
And the cycle begins again.

No way Amber wouldn't post that video. She'd be missing on orange chicken money.


It's stunning, really. One of the most amusing things about her is how she tries to emulate human behaviour, which she's taught herself by watching bottom of the barrel, trashy YouTubers.

Watch a blob of fat and dandruff really not care for anyone in the world but herself, and then pretend she's an ascended empath who's just been hurt and roughed up by the cold, cruel world around her. She just means well, after all, and she's doing this for us; her fans and supporters. How courageous and brave. What an inspiration.

Total psycho.


All that breast cancer stuff, presumably going to a woman who has breast cancer. The pink ribbon is like a symbol of death and not many people with actual cancer want to walk around covered in pink ribbons. Plus that junk wasn’t even pretending to donate to any “awareness” charity, so it was a pure money grab.

So they are going to give an insulting gift to somebody dealing with cancer. Shocker.

I guess it makes sense for Amber though. Food is going to kill her and I bet she’d love a bunch of shirts with hamburgers, earrings that look like candy and Ben and Jerry’s plushies. A hoarder who makes scrapbook pages out of leftover packaging garbage is sooo classy. Not.

I hope the hate doubles and triples after this little stunt.
That was my thought. Generally speaking the pink ribbon, or any ribbon is typically worn in remembrance or during an event designed to make money for research, things like that. The very last thing I’d think of doing for someone diagnosed with breast or any other cancer is run out to fucking Kroger and buy shit that only going to constantly remind them that they’re in for a fight. You get comfort foods, you research relaxation techniques to share, you research the actual disease, you simply sit there with them and let them do whatever emotionally they need to do. This is classic thoughtless Hamber.

Do y’all remember the awesome Father’s Day gift of a cheap ass tackle box not filled with lures, but a Texas Roadhouse gift card and sugar free candy? I rest my case.


It's Algonquin for bloodsport.
Was that even 24 hours?

Do her supporters even understand how she just played them? At least when Chantal flounces, it's because she's completely emotion-driven and has a short fuse. It's manipulative to be sure, but it's always messy.

This was all planned manipulation. Narcissism at its finest, with a healthy dash of antisocial.

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