I counted calories for 29 days straight... - 09/07/19

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I feel itchy just looking at her. That body must be housing a million different lifeforms at this point.

I love how she's trying to seem "busy," but every angle is from a sitting position and it's obvious she's mostly confined to the 4 walls of her bedroom now. Hard to spice up a "mediocre" life when you don't go anywhere or do anything or have anything of substance to talk about and can't be bothered to try. Even what small effort she shows on camera (i.e putting clothes on hangers) seems fake and performative.

One clue that she'll never lose the weight: her insistence that portion sizes aren't a problem. Because you can eat A LOT of salad, and there's nothing wrong with a 500 calorie salad because it's a better choice than a Big Mac. Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. But that's not what you're doing. You're eating 3 bites of salad for the camera and then inhaling thousands of empty calories of processed garbage TOO.

If this approach was actually "working for her" we'd know. Cause we would see it.


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I need her wooden constructed wardrobe in my life. But because I work all week for a shit wage, I have to make do you with a shit plasticised version. Fuck you Hamberlin.
gorl that's not even hers. It's Becky's, given to Becky by her family because all the closets in the house are bursting at the seams with Amberlynn's tent collection.

Also it's a chifferobe :smug:

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Proud!? Proud of owning makeup? Amber, try sticking to a diet or anything at all for more than a week and truly give yourself something to be proud of, not for hording makeup like you do journals as if it's an achievement.
She'd need a bloody good makeup artist to bring out the cheekbones and jawline on that face. More like a makeup wizard.

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That section with poor, poor Twinkie Stooore...

That dog is clearly suffering and is unhappy, it's ridiculous that the person who claims to love her pets enough to call them her babies is leaving her to go through all that physical and mental pain.
On first watch, I was aghast at how poor Twinkie's eyes were all wonky and seemed to be looking in opposite directions... just like Hamber's when she's having a foodgasm.

They say people start to look like their pets. Guess it's true. Somebody please watch and tell me I'm wrong. The wonky dog eyes are very shortly after she cuts to Twinky on Pillow Mountain.

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Ew! The space grey Apple watch looks so manly on her thick wrists which is the only lesbo vibe I’ve ever gotten from her. Should have held out for the slimming, dainty rose gold version. The grey “goes with everything” (dark knucks, dirty nails) but most of her clothing is dainty, horrid floral so does it really? What a waste of money! It doesn't even match her peenk COACH wallet! Space grey does NOT make her look cute. Makes her look like a big rig bull dyke: keep on tucking down that road to 600.

I’m beyond livid about Jax dying so I’m just trying to influence her as a bitchy experiment. New watchband incoming…


Going to guess she just SAYS she counted them, not providing the actual counts, or any weight loss resulting from such.

Time to recap!
She counts the colories and then she eats them. All of them! Licks them off her plate and off of her fingers. Searches in her bra and fat folds for any crumbs, gobbles them down too. No calories left behind in Amberland. The gorl ain't no lah! She's just misunderstood.


Proud!? Proud of owning makeup? Amber, try sticking to a diet or anything at all for more than a week and truly give yourself something to be proud of, not for hording makeup like you do journals as if it's an achievement.
She obviouly watches a lot of beauty gurus hence her constant use of "situation". A lot of guru's say that. And. " If that makes sense". I've heard her use that recently. Saying." Hi" like JS, and all the makeup hording and the bs about her lighting etc.
Like everything else she does, she can't be bothered to put in any effort to learn the skills from those channels. She just half-ass copies them and is collecting makeup because she thinks it makes her look cool.
She's like a ginormous sponge, sopping up everything she sees. She has no originality.


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I've seen her "count" calories enough times to know she is fucking it up. The retarded, unrelenting optimism she applies to her dieting in general is used with calorie counting as well. She doesn't measure anything because she thinks she is an expert at eyeballing it, throwing off all the counts dramatically. If she is using an app she picks the lowest calories for whatever she is eating instead of the most accurate. If she is using WW she has very loose interpretation of the "free" foods, and goes apeshit with them. If she had a real relationship instead of a paid butler, becky could do the counting and show her for accountability, but that's never gonna happen.