I don't know what to say 06/04/20 - "not at the beginning stage"


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Wow that was lightning fast Gorl.

also... yikes.

Soooo basically Amber lost 70lbs due to cancer, we can agree on that right?

Waiting for some haydur naysh hot takes.

Does Becky cause cancer? Hmmm.

I feel as bad as I would for anyone getting diagnosed with cancer but jeez, this surgery/chemo shit is gonna be hell. Hopefully she can get some sort of emergency insurance because it ain’t gonna be cheap.

She must have just got the news because she was posting about BLM on Twitter an hour ago.

DCmediaGirl, where you at? I think she had a touch of the “crotch cancer”, as Misty Dawn would put it, as well.
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Does she have proof? Edit: I am an asshole doubter, i know. Second edit: ok I believe it because that is genuine panic attack crying right there. Since she is hard to understand, did she say bone and uterine or womb and uterine?


Shit, horrible for everyone. I get frustrated with them all, but you don't wish that on anyone. Obviously AL is in for a rough time, but as someone said, poor Becky, that's a lot for her.

Where else did she announce this? She said some other people reached out to her who had had cancer? She's not in any shape to give details right now, I don't know the stats and survival rares for whatever it is she has (I was having trouble understanding,, did she say uterine?). I guess we have the reason for her UTI problems now.

Quick google search on Uterine Cancer survival rates, we'll have to wait for more details to see what her outlook is.
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Wow uterine cancer. It's strange but I almost started to believe that Amber was immune to health issues in that way that some bad people can sometimes be. I guess it's all finally catching up to her which is unfortunate.

I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone personally so I do feel badly for her regardless of what I know about her. I'm curious on how treatment will go for someone her size though like how would chemo therapy work etc.