I don’t trust people who simply keep telling me “do the right thing” - OP has autism

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LeChina James

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I always look at them the same way they say “be on the right side of history”, or “do better”.
Usually it has some snarky or smug-like undertones, and I question if these people are actually doing the right things in private.

This is not to say people don’t grow up to want to be better for themselves, or wanting to do the right thing for themselves or their families. But the more I hear people tell me to do the right thing, I can’t help but think that they’re only doing this to sound morally righteous, or self-serving.

Or maybe I’m just growing paranoid and I have to fix that. That probably might be it.


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"H...hi how are you doing?"

"OMG incel. Are you fucking harassing me. Oh My God. This is what we get for living in Trump's America. Do better incel"
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Haha, let's see what happens when you go to that well today. The women in the well will be … curious, a little nervous. Or curious. Interesting. Excited? Yes. Angry? No. What is it? Begging for money. Well, those kind of things. Of course I didn't have a choice. Well, I guess you can imagine the kind of desperation I felt. Just think of it, friends. Knowing you. When you take a vacation to a little farm out on the plain, and there's a well, and you can catch your fill of food for free, come back and my secret sells itself.


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Got news for you, folks. "Doing the right thing", being "on the right side of history", etc., are whatever YOU decide they are, not what THEY decide they are. If they don't like what you do, fuck them.

Going a little further, as a rule, the people who say things like "be on the right side of history" do NOT have your or our best interests at heart. They are the type of people who believe wrong is right. We've seen way too much of that shit these days.

Think for yourself. They can't stand that. They LOSE.


'Do the right thing' basically just means 'Do what I consider to be the right thing'.
'Be on the right side of history' basically just means 'Don't resist this, it'll be easier if you just comply'.
'Do better' basically just means 'Do what I tell you to do'.

Ultimately, your morality has to come from yourself. You must decide for yourself what is right and wrong and act accordingly. Next time someone tells you to do the right thing, just tell them that you will do exactly what you believe to be right according to your own beliefs, understandings, and reason. If that's not good enough for them, it's obvious they just want you to do what they want.


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Baby's first epiphany: what one person considers good is not necessarily what another person considers good.
It's a lesson we all learn the moment we're put in time-out for following someone else's directions. Yet we often forget that lesson once we become sufficiently inundated in a particular social structure. We follow that social structure and don't want THEM to put us in "time out" so we wholeheartedly follow their directions without regard for the fact that our opposition can put us in "time out" just as easily if they win the battle. "The right thing" is always "whatever social structure you let dominate your life says."
It's kinda funny to think that the winners were always on the "right side of history" while the losers are always the "bad guys"...


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These people. Sometimes what they are considering to be good and right, it’s just not, just honestly not exactly what may the exactly the REAL good and right thing!


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