I figured out who the leaker was - fucking discordfags smh

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Found the point!
So, no one else seems to be getting banned, and tensions have dies down a bit. Is it too much to ask at this juncture that we all have a hearty laugh at ourselves and then move on?

E- Okay. I guess the internet forum for not taking shit serious has to be serious, now. Not sure why, but if it makes you feel better to rage against some sort of machine, more power to ya.

E2- So, that's a solid no, then. Enjoy your flaming temple.
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New article on the jews every single day for 1m
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Since we're all crowded here, would you kindly give me my stickers back?
Where. Are. My. Stickers?
Thank you kindly, incel.
What is a sticker? A miserable pile of opinions. In no way different to the subject of this thread, whose opinions are rendered mute by any impartial observer's stupefaction as to their obvious triviality. So I ask you, my merry miscreants, why withhold my ability to rate comments as I see fit?
I will always stick by my principles!
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Attention ya'll. What is a man without his stickers?! The beauty of slapping autism onto the lips of a meridian clown wanking over race realism. The sweet, unadulterated pleasures of giving good posts their dues. Oh how I miss my stickers, my beauts. The honeys of this comb. The juices of a fanta-esque divination!

I implore ye! Give me back my stickers!