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Am 6yo, walking in neighborhood woodlands with next-door pal.
See two kids a couple years older than us in the distance, one shoulders a rifle.
I see a BB bounce off the ground between us.
I yell RUN, and we escape with another BB flying overhead.

Today I am eating ice cream, but still I shiver thinking of that moment.

Tim Buckley

3 years ago I was shot and stabbed in the same night by 2 different drug addicts in an abandoned building.

I was talking with this girl who asked me something and then I felt as if someone had beaten me with a burning stick in my arm, hurts like fuck and I felt it burning, it was her psychotic boyfriend who then started beating the shit out of me, I panicked and decided to leave that place but a random dude I didn't even knew stabbed me on my upper abdomen on my way out, I didn't even realized it, I just remember he bumping into me and feeling as if he had punched me in the gut until I got into a taxicab and realized I was bleeding.

Luckly the bullet only went though the outer area of the arm so I didn't have to take it out or go to the hospital.

I still have the scar from the stabbing but its very smoll, no idea what thing he used to puncture and I don't wanna know lemme take a picture with the shittiest webcam on earth 1 sec.

The Monkey

when I was 4, me and my cousin climbed on top of the roof of what was to be his new room (it was under construction.) I slipped, and nearly fell face-first on to the neighbor's spiked metal fence. Luckily some nails caught me by my pants and It dangled me to a narrow, grassy area in between the fence where I then fell. Wasn't too high a fall, so I just got a bad bruise on my arm/back. You bet your ass my cousin's parents bitched at their neighbors to get rid of that fence. I think they only ended up replacing a section of it. Not a stabbing, but if it came down to it I would've ended up with a few spikes in my head.

Got hit by a car on Halloween when I was 16. I was walking home after a long night of hanging out with friends when I approached a drive thru. Car didn't see me and it was too dark to tell if they were looking at me, so I just walked past. The car move forward fast enough to just knock me down. I kicked one of their lights in, made no effort to confront the driver, and just furiously walked away (because I was 16 and retarded). Later came home to find a huge bruise on my hips.
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Rat Lord

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Delusional ex-housemate actually poisoned me after getting mad that I didn't give them *my* cat. After getting violently ill, I managed to recover, not knowing wtf happened or why..... then they poisoned 2 of my rats and 2 guinea pigs which did end up killing all of them (:_(

Packed up all my shit as well as my animals and gtfo next day.

RIP: Tater Tot, Olivia, Darkrai, and Zygard.
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Walking home from university campus at 3-4 am on Halloween, drunk a bit, but not wasted. Get to the section where campus ends and into middle class suburban area, some of which have students renting them. Car in front opens up and a big nigga (6 something, built like a rugby player) jumps out running to me shouting. Alcohol courage kicks in, drop my bag, "let's go you fag, I'll rip your cock off and shove it's down your throat" and other such expletives and start walking towards him ready to fight. Lights start turning on in the houses around us, guy changes his mind, jumps back into the car with his mate and takes off.

No, I don't think it was that he was scared of me, but likely it was the lights in the houses turning on and peoples coming out to check what the noise was happening. Picked a bad spot and shit method of trying to mug someone. Good thing it wasn't shitheap London where this took place or some other big city, else I would probably ended up on the end of a knife.

Seemed during university I had the talent of almost getting into drunk fights by accident, but then being bailed out or the other guy having second opinions. Could have been anything from drunkenly staring at someone for too long or opening my mouth about someone's looks, or worse their mother.

Smaug's Smokey Hole

Epic has the right idea.
when my grenade took out the last one that was when, when the... the, the voices started, uh uhm, american teenage boys, sounding like little girls, calling me a faggot, a noob, saying that i-i-i was a pedophile
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Last Seen Fleeing From the Scene.....
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While messing around in a junkyard under the hood of a Jeep Wagoneer, the leaves just beside it suddenly went "Thwap" and kicked up.

Fraction of a second later, I hear the echoing "POW!" of a rifle from the other side of the valley.

Someone out for deer season missed their shot and almost took me out instead.


When I started my new job I was talking a walk around the neighborhood one lunchtime. Maybe I turned down the wrong street or something because suddenly a car rolled by and a dude popped out the window and pointed a gun at me. I didn't react, just kept walking and looking at him, and they raced off a few seconds later. Maybe it just wasn't loaded.

Slimy Time

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German tourist tried to kill me chucking me into a pool (5 yo didn't know how to swim). I was lucky enough I held myself barely above water kicking so my mom could grab me. My mom almost killed the dude if it weren't for the police arriving before she could brain him with a rock.
What the fuck was the context for a random German tourist throwing a 5 year old kid that wasn't his into a pool?


What the fuck was the context for a random German tourist throwing a 5 year old kid that wasn't his into a pool?
Was throwing petals of flowers on the ground, he didn't like that, I did the tongue thing (dunno how you call that in english, not quite blowing a raspberry but just pushing your tongue out you know?) dude got ungodly angry, grabbed me and tried to throw me into the pool, my mom kept screaming that I couldn't swim his own gf was smacking him to drop me but dude didn't give a fuck. According to police he was a violent drunk or something and this wasn't the first incident, dude fled out of the country next day I think.


Being an almost child killer might have something to do with that. Child abusers tend not to live too long in prison.
I don't really know if it would've sticked, this was before european union and Idk how they handled international cases like this but yeah the dude was probably already about to book it off of whatever the fuck he did before.
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I'll be back, whimpering n the shadows...
Did I mention haunted house?

My cousin lives in a house next to a grave yard. He would have night mares and things trying to yank him out of his bed at night.

Last time I visisted him I would see things in the bathroom mirror which would scare the hell out of me. So I rarely visit

A lot of my bad stories involve the paranormal.
We wouldn't mind hearing those stories in the paranormal thread, if you could....

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