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Blood on the rise, it's following me
My druggie sister and her idiot boyfriend got involved in some bad crimial activity. One guy was murdered and another is in maximum security prison. These guys were both in my house without permission and one of them came to a hotel room we were staying at after I lost my stepfather's house. I could overhear all these scary phone conversations all the time and lived in fear for my life. I was too afraid to ask for help because the police did nothing to help me and told me to either lock my bedroom door or move. I was afraid to involve any civilians. I couldn't remove her or her boyfriend from the house. The police just wouldn't listen to me at all and treated me like I was too stupid to breathe.

My sister ended up homeless because she burned every bridge she had stealing. When she stole from me she burned the best bridge she ever had and I think she really regretted it.

My sister is now missing. The police won't look for her because she has a habit of disappearing. But no one has seen her since around March. Just one unconfirmed sighting. I am done with her regardless. She ruined too many lives. I personally believe she is dead in a ditch somewhere. As cold as it sounds that's what she chose. I tried to help her and it was all wasted effort.

Bottom line: Druggies are not worth it. Take any effort you would waste on them and help yourself or someone who will actually benefit.

Oh, and the boyfriend totally fucked over my toilet with withdraw puke. :mad:


Cryptid Farmer
I took plenty of nails through the foot as a kid, does that count as a stabbing?

Jokes aside, I was stabbed with a bbq fork once. The exact details are hazy because I six or seven, but it wasn't terribly deep and more accidental than intentional.
-Shit still hurt and I can almost feel the tines in my arm when someone jabs one into the shoulder roast at a cookout.
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Alex Krycek

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I worked at a gun shop and range. Never been shot at directly but once a round went off and ricocheted a next to me. The guy responsible was really sorry and bought me a beer. I had a knife pulled on me once in the downtown area of a pretty liberal city by a homeless woman asking for money. Some context, she has a heroin problem and she was well known by the locals. However I also carry a 9mm. She backed down when I pulled it out.

Weeb Slinger

Spycatcher - a memoir penned by a former MI5 operative named Peter Wright, detailing his attempts to uncover a mole within the service - was a major embarrassment to the British intelligence community. On a more personal note, the existence of the book, and the British government's futile attempts to ban it, resulted in me accidentally tearing a ragged hole in my upper left arm. In that moment I became collateral damage in both the never-ending war on censorship, and the clandestine war between nations.

A court order was quickly obtained banning the publication of Spycatcher in the UK, though it was freely available on the international market.

One afternoon in maths class, my friend, J, and I got into an argument over the contents of the book. The fact that we engaged in exactly the kind of highbrow squabbling that Fraser and Niles Crane might have partaken in, may give you some clue as to our position in the social pecking order at our school.

Our disagreement quickly degenerated into a sit-down slap fight. Sensing that I was on the verge of being overpowered, I retreated from my desk to the back of the classroom, where I tripped and fell against a row of coat hooks. Rising to my feet, I sheepishly put my arm up to signal that I was okay. A girl who always sat at the front of the class stared back at me with an expression of horror on her face.

I returned to my desk and was about to resume work when J pointed out that, in his opinion, I would need to go to the hospital. In the same moment I realised that my left arm was wet. When I investigated I was very surprised to discover a large tear in the flesh, just below the short sleeve of my shirt. There was very little blood, but a lot of lymph. I could see a glimpse of bone at the bottom of the hole.

I approached the teacher, who was helping one of my classmates with a maths problem. When I showed him my arm he agreed that I should go to hospital. I was escorted to the school nurse's office by a friend. Apparently, on the way, I informed him that it was just a normal sword wound and nothing to worry about. Once I was sewed up I was left with a fairly neat rectangular scar. I recovered quickly and by that evening I was playing Dungeons & Dragons, like nothing had happened.
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Ex hit me in the back of the head with a hammer. I don't even remember the context of the argument for obvious reasons, but I remember telling her I was done with her shit, leaving and she'd have to worry about next month's rent herself. I leave to get my boots on and while bent over, I hear her come into the room and stand behind me. Next thing I know I wake up in the evening on the floor in my living room with the front door open and the now ex gone.

My head is pounding, I'm nauseous as fuck and covered in half dried blood. I clean myself up and start trying to figure out what the fucked happened - Thought it was a heart attack or stroke and hit my head on the wall, but I was still pretty groggy. Couldn't find the ex either and couldn't remember what happened before I woke up on the floor, so I got cleaned up. Found a nasty bump with a cut on the back of my head in the shower, which I thought was super bizarre. Toweling off I put two and two together and start looking for the bitch.

I find her hiding out at her mother's looking like she saw a ghost when I walked in. She starts crying and going on this big speil about how I make her so mad and yadda yadda and she just lost her temper in the heat of the moment; thinking she lost me forever... Bullshit that I bought. Took her back like an idiot because I didn't want to fuck with her or her mom's immigration status. Cunt ends up fucking off with a student loan check and fleeing the country. She's deported now, but I still have a dent in the back of my head.
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