I have a theory on the downfall of the West - I think the elites are making a very simple mistake of only looking at mathematical measured outcomes instead of the larger picture

How should a government judge it is doing the right thing once in power?

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The U.S declined the moment it began to lose its middle class in the the late 2000's after the recession.
Overfinancialization of society + the funneling of monetary policy into non-productive capital (bubbles) + the pursuit of the almighty GDP as a measure of political success?

I suppose if the average American is being exorbitantly overcharged on their rent/mortgage and doctor's fees while their factory is being outsourced (they can learn to code though!), that might help push the GDP up by a fraction of a percentage, though one's perceptions of quality of life might beg to differ.

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A goodboi denied his Wendy's
"The West" is doing perfectly fine people are just mad that women and brown people have the same rights as them.
They have had the same rights for decades now, it means fuck all what color your skin is anymore, what does matter is where you are born, namely nationality and class. If you're a rich third worlder you're still a third worlder even if you're blond and blue eyed, thats why E1 and E2 visas exists, and even thats not the same than the free citizenship every single one of these black faggots from blm are born with and bitch about

Fact is a black woman born in burgerland is a 100 times better off than a white latino born in a latino country by the mere fact that she was born on the other side of an "imaginary line" that changes everything. That same black woman would be fucked if she was born in africa, the land of black people where theres no whitey keeping her down but everybody is poor as fuck because black dictators have stolen trillions from their countries for the past 60 years. Also some other tribe might decide she's the devil and cut her arms and legs off then put a tire around her neck and set her on fire, but again its not racism because racism is power+prejudice, also black people cant be racist
After seeing the 10th "west is dying" thread on here I'm starting to think some of y'all are hoping it happens. I mean, I get the appeal but let's all calm down.
Not really, not a fan of the west but the alternative is a chink-dominated world so I rather stick with the status quo

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A goodboi denied his Wendy's
I live in a civilised country and already enjoy the benefits of free healthcare, thank you.
The offer still stands, dont go shitting yourself at the prospect of living in a more diverse country, or are you racist?


The west may be doomed, but I dont suppose the solution is to go back to "traditions". I would more so support that we all have manual labor, and more so support a system of those to work under specific classes. Maybe regulated capitalism? Unironically, I believe most of us indulge into ethical egoism.

I think the whole issue with trannies is that people don't realize we are perpetuating the whole "if someone acts as a stereotype for a man/woman, they are that gender." Which supports the idea that someone should transition if they merely act like a woman/man. This supports pharmacists and whatnot, as well as old scientists which made up the concept of malebrain and ladybrain. If we use an imaginary boogeyman and a scapegoat of "oh, it's women's and brownie's faults" instead of flat out admitting that it's ethical egoism and powerups using liberalism to cater to, while using it to pander to cover up their whole artificiality and their experiments on us, surely you must admit that they've done this back then as well?

We can play semantics and go on and on on how we shouldn't have given these people rights, however, that doesn't change the fact that even in male dominated countries, it's still a shithole, though you may use the excuse that it's because they're colored and are genetically wrong, shouldn't we admit that both genders are using each other that's causing the doom of this artificial society?

What solution do we have here? To continue using propaganda of "traditions must return!"? It seems like a cope. Most of the women who fall into that entrapment are just lazy women who dont wan't to work or have education, and don't even know how to have any life skills. The same men who believes this are either neets or men who work dead end jobs, and either coom themselves to death or use religion/etc as scapegoats for their morality. "Male brains" are the cause of sexual entitlement, degeneracy, and rape (If we continue using old biology). I think it has little to do with their dicks because these limp-cocked or inverted-cocked trannies are even more sex obsessed than your average male. Why do you think most men who are against porn are merely against it for the fact that it causes issues to their dick, instead of the fact that it exploits women?

Meanwhile, women fall for the entrapment of sexualization and pander to political agenda and are guilty of being enablers. They're coddled and use their vaginas as an excuse to use victim complexes. They are looked at as more emotional, so they use that for their own advantage. They compete with other women and constantly strive to be #1 female. They either become tradwomen who are just fucking lazy, or liberal feminists who perpetuate materialistic systems, such as makeup and whatnot.

I don't believe in using groups as imaginary boogeymans, though, surely, you have to realize a lot of the so proclaimed
"trad cath" males on these sites of media (be it twitter, insta, etc) also tell women who are working that they're useless as well. I think we all should work under specific classes. Classes that are aligned to our ability. I think we all should learn the same life skills. I think we should stop coddling women, or more so, stop using them for beauty and whatnot, while they should stop using men for status and finances.

Tl;dr: The west is doomed by everyone. Even back in traditions; we believed the government and allowed them to treat us in any way. I don't think that's a solution either. I believe it's also superficiality of both genders. We have gone to needing to be relished by self gratifications, that we all became desenitized and just don't know how to appreciate things anymore. Maybe go back to spartan days, to where we all worked in labor? Soz for the schizo tangent.
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