I have a VIN record of Son-Chu II -



I know I'm really late to the party, but being the autist I am for cars (especially Cadillacs), I had to find out what happened to Chris's Cadillac. So, I purchased a VIN report based on the number posted to his Craigslist ad to get as much as I could out of it.

For one, it looks like he sold the damn thing in December 2014 (amount unknown?) to a fifth owner with 169,971 miles. It was apparently driven thereafter until it was totaled in December 2016 with 182,499 miles and sold to a scrapper in Richmond for $150. They reported that, despite its front end being mangled, it "...started, could be put into gear, and was capable of moving forward under its own power..."

The report even came with photos of what is (supposedly) the totaled Son-Chu II. Unfortunately, the cheap, aftermarket radio that Chris boasted to have invested his hard earned money into was missing. However, an interesting article to note is the pink character dangling from the center rear-view mirror. I'm too lazy to scour Cwcki to see if it matches with any characters from the Sonichu comics.

It is possible that the Seville still was capable of starting up, as Chris (despite being as trustworthy as he is) never mentioned in the Craigslist ad that it wasn't able to do so. If so, I wonder how much money in coolant the poor bastard who bought it invested to keep it limping down the road? Were they a Christorian?

Feel free to give your thoughts. I will link photos of the totaled car and the report below. If you want more information, feel free to ask for it and I will provide what I can.

I apologize in advance if posting this amount of hi-res images in one post is considered spamming.

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Accidental Spy Kids reference, but with blud eyes.
You know, given how Chris constantly walked around with his pants full of shit (somehow he didnt notice most of the times), the seats are probably stained with the smell of tard-poop even after all those years.
We say that a lot for lulz, but how do we know Chris still does that? Just something that’s been on my mind for a while.

{o}P II

We say that a lot for lulz, but how do we know Chris still does that? Just something that’s been on my mind for a while.
He said it in a chat with Clyde Cash and BILLY MAYS iirc, moaned to ivy about being recommend "butt garments" (adult diapers). and Argued with barb about putting his underwear (still full with actual shit) in the family laundry basket
He also used tampons early in the tomgirl saga (around 2013)

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