I heard a train tonight -


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My grandmother lives only 5 minutes of walking distance away from the train tracks. You can hear them gently glide or quietly clunk away while you drift to sleep.
I also rode amtrak to visit my friend twice. Gliding through towns and countryside from sunset to night and from night to the misty dawn again is such a pleasant experience. The ride is usually a bit boring, but tranquilly so and I'm thankful for it. The sound of trains something that bring me great nostalgia, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets a little moved when they hear one off in the distance passing by.

I've been reading your post across various political parts of the farms and always appreciate them. You thot deeply and I enjoy your insight man. Hope you're not experiencing corona induced loneliness, if you are, writing snippets like these does help. :heart-full:

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Trains make me think of those epic train lines across Russia and the one the Chinese built all the way through Tibet that goes so high the cabins have to be pressurised.

Also, I think of the movie Dr. Zhivago.


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You used to be able to hear the train out here, but over time the development increased and it's practically drowned it out. It's probably also slowly going out of commission given the age of that locomotive and the number of rusted-looking cars that have been graffiti'd on, but I still see it from time to time when out on the road.

But the fun drains out of trains once you know someone who was killed by them while on a drive. You never look at it the same way again after that.