I need to adress something.

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Insignificant person

F is for fire that burns down the whole town
Jun 27, 2017

Here's how it goes: There's 03bgood. He's considered to be an autistic person, and a lot of people point out things about him that make him seem impolite and like someone who wants to do nothing in his life. I sign up on Kiwi Farms to express my toughts about him, without reading the rules!

After expressing my thoughts on him, I stopped logging in on this forum for a long time, till early 2019, so I coould express my opinions on John K. and Butch Hartman for the controversies centered around them.

But nevertheless, I came down to realize that, even though I actually initially criticized 03bgood because I didn't want to turn out to be like him, just doing nothing in my life and always talking but not doing actions.... (gets prepared for his life to be ruined) I regret that.

Yep, I regret that. I've just realized that I'm not one of those people that will criticize others for being different or expressing different emotions from the others, regardless of gender, color, ethnicity etc. I... I love understanding people better. I have become a pagan (though I can't do blood or child sacrifice). I feel terribly sorry for bullying 03bgood, because yes, he did seem immature, but all things considered, we didn't show him enough care to get motivated in his life.

And I may even say that..... I... don't like some of your actions. No, I don't. In fact, I would like to communicate with these so-called "autistic" people, so I can make them feel better about their lives, so I can make them feel proud.

And I also know, that it's my fault for joining a forum that was screaming "BULLYING". I know, I am an idiot.

However, what I do know, is that I can always become who I want to be. Just because I have an account on Kiwi Farms, that doesn't mean I'm still a bully.

Now don't get me wrong: I may agree with some stuff said here. About favorite video games, cartoons, the John K. controversy... But this isn't the main focus of the forum. It's main focus is harassing people.

And here you go: I'm now an autistic person. Make threads about me, harass me, bully me... but really, all I know is that the fact there are no exits through Hell is just a mere idea....
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