I should have done this sooner... 8/25/20 -

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Keyboard Warrior

PATREON! Yeah, let's further monetize our health issues by putting them behind a paywall.

Nice of her to confirm she's broke, I guess. 🤷‍♀️

How long before we can't see the floor of this apartment anymore? Her shopping is getting way out of control lately. She's always been wasteful and excessive with all the crap she buys, but like, who buys multiple packages of succulents? How many does one need? Will she finally open the blinds and let some sun in, so they don't all die? So many questions.


She's sleeping on the couch!?! And she thinks we all believe Becky is right there with her? Oh for heavens sakes.

Why doesn't she sleep on the "guest bed" if the height was really the issue temporarily? Get a step stool for the bed?

I had that exact same couch 10 years ago. The microsuede fabric makes you sweat if you sleep on it and the cushions turn into pancakes after an average sized person sits in the same spot for a month or two for a couple hours AFTER WORK. Not all. Day. Long. This couch is probably already disgusting. 🤮


Even smiling makes my face ache
could it be for dusty and daña ?

*skipping thru the video cause i’m no sitting through that shit

So she’s still going on about “if the cancer comes back”?
she really hoping it does huh?
It’s for Rafe and Hannah. They’re both stuck in the gothic high school vibe. And they both are fat, ugly, simpletons.