CUCK! I sperged out of a mostly naked girls bed - Went home and ate chipotle and smoked pot

Cuck Norris

dude weed lmao
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Yeah. I fucking sperged. I laid in bed with a naked girl all day while she wrote a paper. And then, after literally like 6 hours of rubbing her back, kissing her, fondling her tits, etc., etc., when all she had to do was finish her last edit and submit, i was like "okay, gotta go" and now I'm sitting at home, high, and eating a burrito the size of a baby.

bonus points: i even called her and bitched her out for making me wait all day for sex and she was like, "i fucking told you all i had to do was submit this assignment. you could be over here right now and we could be fucking"



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You're an idiot. She had things to do and was definitely in to you. When the time came you either got scared or offended she didn't put you before the paper and then you left. After that you shifted the blame from you to her. You got mad at her when she told you what she had to do first. Your social skills are obviously on point. You should be a mod here or something.


average internet faggot
Done just like the highest level of Gamergate heroes. The only flaw was associating with a woman to begin with.
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