I was a victim today ahhhhhie -


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I was a victim today. I was walking on Foot to the gas station, and as I was trying to cross the road a insane woman slammed on the gas pedal and attempted to run me over so I flicked her off as I ran across the street. As I walked into the gas station parking lot she pulled into the parking lot and said why did you flick me off so I started screaming at her and she drove away and then I watched her drive back as I was standing in front of the gas station but she pulled up to the pump. I went into the gas station. Everyone was looking at me and the cashier said, “are you okay?” I didn’t know why they were suspicious of me so I said nothing and then went and grabbed some items, and then the cashier rung me up and I paid for it. I then walked outside and there was a cop already out there. The first cop was a woman and she got out of her car and started questioning me. A second cop arrived and it was a man and he was quieting me too. A third cop arrived but he didn’t really say anything. I explained to the cops that the woman attempted to run me over. The guy cop he said things like he could arrest me for disorderly conduct and/or trespass me from the gas station so I couldn’t come back. They took my id and ran it. Eventually they just let me leave without arresting me. And did not trespass me so I can go back to the gas station anytime I want. I was simply shocked this happened to me.


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this is why you should always have a gun. plenty of bodycam videos show that if anyone even looks like they might be thinking about getting close to invading a cop's personal space with their vehicle the cop turns them into swiss cheese so why shouldn't you do the same?


But was Trent's anus involved somehow?
The story is missing a paragraph or two but if you saw the continuation of the story you would surely get to the part where Trent gets involved and his anus becomes accompanied by a mans cock or several mens cocks. Perhaps after the cops left after having such a stressful day they legally and consentually all get together at the residence where Trent lives and take turns slamming cocks into his anus or all at once together slam it inside his ass to ease off a rough day.

Who knows but I am sure Trent was in the day somewhere and Shivers just left those details out to add details in order of most importance.