i went to the emergency room 3/25/19 - Spoiler: it’s a bladder infection

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Yes, it went from 10%-14% to MORE THAN 30% obesity in Kentucky's populace in two decades. Now let's project that rate of gain over another decade and what do you get?
You get more fats! The people who fall into the "overweight" category now will end up in the "obese" category eventually, assuming they do nothing to correct their lifestyle.

*extremely mom voice*

more woman than woman
There's one other thing about UTIs: the more of them you have, the worse they get. And at her weight, she's absolutely getting them all the time. UTIs scar your urethra, make it narrower, and make infection even more likely in the future. She's already had a bladder infection (I am not watching the boring video about it, I just skimmed the thread) and if it was bad enough for her to go to the doctor, then I can only imagine it must have been much worse than she's letting on.

Kidney involvement is next. Hope it all doesn't end with sepsis, that's an especially nasty way to go.


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Vicodin for wisdom tooth removal? Is this really a thing?!

I had mine pulled around a decade ago, including one they considered a "surgical extraction" - basically they had to break the tooth before pulling it out in pieces.

They told me to take ibuprofen, and that worked just fine...
Not to power level but when I had lasik surgery in 2016 I was prescribed vicodin. Which shocked me since I didn't think that was something you could get anymore, kinda like morphine pills.

Powerlevel is over 9000

I also had two dental implants done at the same time. Basically both two root canals I had failed, the teeth were pulled and screws were screwed into the raw/ infected sockets all on the same day. I was prescribed hydrocodone, and a shit ton of antibiotic.

However getting that hydrocodone was an act of fucking congress. It couldn't be called into the pharmacy, had to be written on special paper, dropped off, insurance didn't cover it, it took 24 hours to fill and I had to show photo ID to pick it up.

I will also say those implants were the worst pain I ever experienced in my life. I was given hydrocodone 5's, took two every 4 hours and it barely touched the pain. It blew my mind I hurt so bad and didn't have a fever.

hydrocodone isn't handed out like candy anymore. Many clinics and ER's now have signs saying that hydrocodone isn't something they will prescribe in any circumstance.

And the stupid thing is it was supposed to be the miracle drug of the fucking century. A painkiller with none of that pesky addiction. Except its basically synthetic heroin. Guess the medical profession forgot about all those opium dens in the late 1800's.

ANYWAY my point is hydrocodone or vicodin is (usually) reserved for major surgery and not for something as paltry as a bladder infection. I would say the strongest thing they could or would give Hambeast or Becky is Tylenol 3 which shouldn't cause slurred speech. That is unless she is taking/taken more then she should, is mixing it with other pills and/or is washing it down with alcohol.
Edit: curse my inability to spell

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