i went to the emergency room 3/25/19 - Spoiler: it’s a bladder infection

Who’s the hottest lesbian?

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Munchma Quchi

Lab sperging to answer questions in the thread:

- Can a urinalysis show diabetes? It depends. A urinalysis strip has test pads for glucose and ketones, but glucose doesn't spill into the urine until 15 mmol/L, so its possible to have a high glucose but not have it high enough to show on the dipstick.

- Can bloodwork and urinalysis reveal kidney function? Yes. If she had a basic chemistry panel on her bloodwork it would include creatinine and urea, two waste products excreted by the kidneys. Those levels would be elevated in kidney disease. The urinalysis test includes a test pad for protein, which would also be elevated in kidney disease. Additionally, the doctor could order a urine micro-albumin or a urine albumin/creatinine ratio to further investigate the kidney function.

- How to diagnose diabetes? This might be different in the USA but where I live, a patient needs 2 abnormal results above a certain threshold. The lab should have reference ranges for low, normal, high, diabetic, and critically high. Those tests include:

  • Fasting blood sugar
  • Glucose tolerance test
  • hba1c

The hba1c does not need to be fasting. It's very stable. It measures the glucose stuck to hemoglobin (hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen). Excess sugar sticks to hemoglobin. Then it remains stuck there for the life of the blood cell (about 3 months).


Don't give a fuck what you've been through
Btw, I know some fat girls (not nearly as huge as Hamber, but still fat) and they are also obsessed with drinking water and buying expensive designer water bottles. Is it just me or is there really a correlation between being a fat cunt and obsessing over water?
the funny thing is, 9/10 times I swear to godd they sit there with their expensive ass water bottles and a bottle of diet pepsi immediately adjacent and recently opened


I've got more demons where that came from.
But how could you ignore a UTI for so long? It hurts and the pain is disturbing because well, it's pain coming from your piss hole.
She drinks and is other forms of pain she prolly has had several UTI's in her life and they resolved on their own without treatment. Now her body is breaking down so until it gets really REALLY bad she doesnt notice. Also she stinks down there so when she pisses and smells something unpleasant she assumes its her vagina and not infected piss.


Million year sentence. Brad, I'm so honored.
Soon to graduate med lab tech here.

I’m not a nurse, but peeing once a day is unhealthy; that’s called oliguria. My instructor said that with healthy fluid intake, a person should be peeing once every couple hours.

Holding in your pee and not wiping properly is a huge risk factor for UTIs and kidney infections. Also, altered anatomy or physical abnormalities play a role. The leading cause of UTIs in women is our BFF E. coli.

In order for glucose to spill into urine, blood glucose levels have to be greater than 180 mg/dL, but some people gain tolerance and won’t spill glucose into urine until much higher levels. The dipstick in routine urinalysis does detect glucose, but some substances like vitamin c interfere causing false negative results.

It depends that her blood was drawn for. CBC with diff is to check WBC count with the five main types of white cells, platelet count, and red blood cells to screen for anemia. A basic metabolic panel has glucose included, but in order to be diagnostic for da beatus random glucose has to be higher than 200 mg/dL on two separate occasions/ different days.


I've got more demons where that came from.
There are three unemployed people in that house and they need two painters to paint a hallway and a bathroom? How lazy and helpless can you be? Becky and Eric could easily do that but I mean work ewwwww effort ewwwww waking up before noon ewwwww.
tfw Ambers shits are so disgusting it peeled the paint from the walls.


resident shitlord
She drinks and is other forms of pain she prolly has had several UTI's in her life and they resolved on their own without treatment. Now her body is breaking down so until it gets really REALLY bad she doesnt notice. Also she stinks down there so when she pisses and smells something unpleasant she assumes its her vagina and not infected piss.
Also if you’re constantly in pain, it can be hard to differentiate between what is pain you normally feel, and what is concerning pain. This happens on MSPL with many of the patients.

Lesbian Sleepover

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A few things I see from this thread that still confound me

1. Sure for a bit here and there or maybe peaked once at $10K -- I highly doubt it's sustained . Her uploads and views don't line up . Also , any debts she may have like school stuff could be what also prevents her from setting up a proper bank account

2. Because of Amber's immobility, she is less and less fun. Becky is more herself as noted in other threads when she's around her pals and not AL. Becky , like an animal , notices she is slower and older but doesn't understand why at 28 she (Becky) is slowing down. Past 25, shit diet, sedentary lifestyle.

3. LOL literally unemployed and Becky has been "busy" last month or so. Please.

4. For the love of God, stop thinking and saying all of the south is a shit hole and making assumptions. I'm not from there but my estate is and I promise you'd wanna move in if you came by. Amber is fucking trash. If she lived in LA or CHI or NYC she's still going to act like trash. They live in an economically depressed area of KY but it's not the worst of KY. KY also has mansions and millionaires etc. Calm down.


Becky went to Georgia and Amber got a UTI. Wonder what happened?

She was probably a nightmare for the hospital visit between questioning the doctors diagnosis to crying hysterically while 2 nurses helped her stand for her ass shot, which feels like stinging for maybe 5 minutes. For someone so terrified of serious organ issues and needles she sure does what she can to accelerate these possibilities. Peeing in a cup is such a common doctor/ ER procedure and she made it seem like they asked her to do something traumatic.

I honestly don't know what to say about her pouring water bottles into a jug and it took me a few seconds to take in what she was doing.....I mean doesn't becky go to Walmart 1-2 times a day and cant pick up jugs?


She is ... not attractive, and ever fatter than the rest of the Kentucky Lesbian Mafia. @Big Al's Crusty Sty said it best.

ETA: Found another pic...
I thought that was nena before she lost weight with Krystal. Well, doesn't matter- I hear these names like Hannah and Nena and think those are names of some hot girls and then actually see them and it's like... :o :cryblood:
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