"i went to the emergency room..." - 7/9/19 -


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Whenever I feel down I watch Amber and it immediately makes me feel better about myself. For example, her arms are the diameter of my legs. Lmao

Edit: if the first powerlevel rating never came in, nobody would've rated it that, ya sheep
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In video, bread sell by date is May 31, 2019. Amberlynn was either completely fine or she is now dead. We will find out in 2 months. Bread is around 3:08 where you also can watch Dr. Becky considering whether or not pesto is a healthy choice: "Pesto's not that bad for you, I don't think. I mean, it could be. It's got oil in it. [looks at jar] It's not important." No, not at all, you 400 pound simpleton.
I'm wondering why they put an IV in her arm? You wouldn't do that just to take blood so why'd they put it in?
It is a peripheral catheter. It can be used for blood draws and for IV drip. The single prick can be use for multiple draws. They use this little portal your pipes to make life easier on everyone.


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If she was legitimately given a medication for Bipolar, lamotrigine(Lamictal in the US) can cause a serious rash.

The main one is Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Secondary to that are toxic epidermal necrolysis, and DRESS syndrome. Approximately 4-9% of patients given lamotrigene develop one. It can also cause blood problems or liver problems, although the stats for those side effects are negligible.

P.S. Those rashes can be deadly.
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She will never know if it causes a 'deathly' rash or not because she never follows through with properly taking her medication.


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I mean.. Surely she went to the ER because it was a lot of blood and not a Google search/Web MD worthy amount.. Right?

..sigh, no, I bet it was a Google Search/Web MD amount. If she hasn't mentioned it since, Necky probably just gave her a cut while digging for gold in the upper middle hole.


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If it were anything other than a skin infection (hernia, etc) wouldn't she like, be in legit agony?

But if it's just a skin infection it must STANK and she didn't mention that sooo
As if her nose works properly
Gorl is constantly engulfed in an array of food-related artificial fragrances.

She would never admit to *gasp* having an odor, sooo not dainty
So the medicine she's talking about with the rash warning- pretty sure its Lamictal. Its a drug from decades ago, used for mood stabilizing and also seizure control. It can cause a rash called stevens johnson syndrome, it can actually be kinda serious.

it might be what is going on with her. SJS can make your skin separate basically, it has a mortality rate of like 5% so it is really deadly as far as dermatological conditions go. They don't warn you about it when you get on lamictal because it is a common side effect, but because it is such an emergency if you do happen to get it.
She said at the start of the video that it was day 1 of taking the meds. Her timeline is fucked up, as everyone has said. But she is wearing the same outfit so I doubt it had been weeks later to have that much of an impact just from the new meds. Tbh her 'taking care of her depression-anxiety' and 'gois I'm sick but the ER said I'm healthy" in three days sounds like an Amber thing to do.

I'm pretty sure this "day 1 of taking meds" is the same day as the ZM reaction. Same shirt and same poop bun with her coldest water bottle ready to go.


This may be the case. That makes sense IF shes taken her meds regularly. However, we don't even really know when this was. She has fucked with the timeline so badly now that it will take the most dedicated and alert Kiwi Autists to suss it out. This is as likely as a hernia or simply her splitting open at the seams at this point. Either way, sepsis is around the corner.

Of course, the "to be continued" cunty bullshit screams that it's nothing too serious and if it is and she pulled that 80's night time drama, Dallas who shot JR bullshit then I'm done. I'm tapping out until the funeral. That's fucked up.
I literally lol'd when you compared her to be continued with "who shot JR?" from Dallas.

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So... at the moment the timeline is something like:
- OUTFIT OF THE DAY + PARTY TIME!!!! (June 25th, but here Instagram dates it to May 24th)
- BEST TORRID HAUL EVER!!!! (July 4th)
- the truth about who i am (May 24th)
- 100 DAYS OF WEIGHTING IN / DAYS 16-17 (June 17th)
- i went to the emergency room (July 9th)

The last three videos were most likely shot in the same day, and "the truth about who i am" and "100 DAYS OF WEIGHTING IN / DAYS 16-17) surely were, because she was somewhat clean and her make up seems to be the same.

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