I went to the hospital... I'm scared 05/30/20 - Your gorl actually needed the ER this time



(of course the first up to date video she posts is for sympathy)

  • she went to the bathroom to pee
  • there was blood all over the toilet
  • she wishes she could post pictures (me too)
  • went to E.R. she started bleeding all over the floor
  • There were globs of blood
  • got an ultra sound done of ovaries and cervix
  • doctor said she needed emergency surgery or she would die
  • doctor said they had to test her for cancer
  • she had surgery
  • they told her she has sleep apnea (what does that have to do with the bleeding)
  • she says shes still bleeding (i hope they have something covering the bed)
  • she'll get her results for cancer next week
  • wants positive thoughts and prayers.
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I haven't watched this yet but that slimy little shit turned off her comments for this one. What's the matter Amber - scared shitless that people will comment on your relentlessly cold, calculating ploys for sympathy when Becky's mom is dying? No, I'm not really MOTI - just disgusted at how many new levels of low this woman-child wants to introduce us to.


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LMAOOOO, oh no guyzzz im 600lbs how could this possibly happen? I drink half a bottle of water a day and eat sooooooo many veggies. why is this happening? im such a healthy gorllllllll. I have no idea why this is happening, it must be because im low on vitamin D. I can walk for 25 seconds. there is no reason why this should be happening. go cry to someone else. lol.