i wish i was lying to you 06/27/20 - The gorl who cried rain and petals eavesdrop


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Amber ranting about people not believing she has cancer after numerous lies over the years

“I fuckin’ regret telling you guys anything” — this will need to be a glitter, stat.

She tells us this as her lashes flutter.

“I’m not a fucking idiot.”

Blah blah precancerous cells. Here come the waterworks. Gasping for air. Anxiety attacks. Fucking cancer center. How dare we question her. She has pamphlets upon pan-phlets, looking for proof to show us she has cancer.

she shouldn’t have to prove she has cancer to us. (This is why she is such an amazing cow — Amber has a pathological need to prove herself to everyone and anyone.)

Next she quotes an entire Instagram comment thread. Amber is super triggered over “precancerous cells”.

She put in screenshots of some her medical papers.


Amber with the analog redaction.

(Why does it say endometrial cancer? I know the endometrium is the lining of the uterus but are those interchangeable?)

I wonder where Mama Lynn and Becky were while Amber made this video. Pouring her heart out and crying her eyes out to strangers on the internet about her cancerous womb. It would be freaky to see her make these videos.

“Again I’m not a [sic] Idiot. *eye twitch* But thank you for proveen that you’re a fucking piece of shit.” -fin-
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If she cries long enough, will those fake ass lashes come off.? They really bug tf out of me.

Also, those two are the best "receipts" she has? (unless she showed more in the vid. I tapped out)
Those are the only receipts she posted in the video, yeah.

I love openly hostile to her audience Amber.