Skitzocow Ian Crossland - Social commentator, "director of energy", aspiring actor/singer and Theon Greyjoy doppelganger

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Ronald Gaygun

Pretty Vape Machine
So a couple of days ago I was binge-watching old retsupuraes and I came across this video from Chip Cheezum:

The original video can be found here.

I did some digging last night just to work out what exactly this Ian Crossland guy's deal is, and this is what I found:

Ian has not one, but two YouTube channels, seen here and here where he mostly uploads vlogs of his philosophic ramblings on just about anything from the European Union:

to solar deathrays:

to... I don't even know:

He's also an aspiring (though currently failing) LPer, with videos about Hearthstone, FTL, and Sid Meier's Civilisation V:

He's also an active tweeter and maintains a profile on, a social network he apparently/allegedly helped create according to this interview. He's also on IMDb (It's definitely him, here's a clip from 2015 of his appearance on on My Crazy Love.)

Oh! and he does music too!

I'll leave you with this video I couldn't fit in anywhere else, entirely without comment:


EDIT: Added a link to his personal website
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absolutely disgusting
He looks like he's on a different drug in every video. I didn't think these kinds of people existed past the 70s-80s.

Also holy shit, he wrote a book apparently.
a fucking book.png

Ronald Gaygun

Pretty Vape Machine
The fact that he presents himself in videos like this is unsettling to some degree, even excluding whatever gibberish he's yammering on about. If that man did videos in the dark like that, he'd certainly look more unsettli--
These are my favorite types of lolcows and I almost have difficulty understanding why therer's so many of them. The first time I saw his video "The earth is waking up" my mind immediately went to this video by William Elliott Waterman:


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